5 Top Masculine Mindsets You Should Adopt [Infographic]

As a man it is very beneficial for your life to adopt a Masculine Mindset. There are tons of facets to the masculine mindset. But which are the most important? Which mindsets will have the biggest impact on your life when you really adopt them? Here is my top 5.

All of these have separate articles dedicated to them as well. So if you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation of any of these, click the titles to go to the article.

1.    Nobody cares about you

The first thing you should realize as a man; nobody cares about you. People are less likely to care about you then if you were a woman. Yes it’s unfair, deal with it. You are not entitled to the actions of others. You can’t expect other people to do things for you unless they voluntarily do so.

It’s not their fault. Most people are busy with their own lives. 99% of the people in this world don’t even know you exist. Why would they care about you?

You will have to work hard to reach your goals, feel fulfilled and be happy. Since most men don’t feel very fulfilled if they didn’t work to reach their goals I guess that’s a good thing.

2.    You have to take care of you

As a result of number one, you should quickly realize that you have to take care of yourself. That means you need a skillset that makes you reliant on other people as little as possible.

You might need to brush up on some basic and less basic skills. It’ll be fun and fulfilling to learn something new or improve a skill you’ve already got.

By putting yourself first you can focus on improving your life. Once you succeed in that it will be much easier to help others if you choose to do so.

3.    It’s OK to be a Masculine Man

You are a man, and that’s ok. Masculinity has almost become a dirty word over the last couple of years. Many men feel guilty for being or wanting to be masculine. Some men try to hide it, others even try to become less masculine.

It’s OK to have a masculine character and do masculine things and enjoy them. Do things with other guys. Gather some courage and do something new. Especially if you feel stuck, you need to take action on this.

It’s time to (re)discover your masculinity. Find it before it is too late. The best ways to rediscover your identity is to do new things. Hang out with friends. And maybe there will be a small part; “fake it ‘till you make it” But, once you gather some confidence, you’ll be fine.

A man cave is a great way to create some time and space for yourself where you can do masculine things and work on your identity. Check out the section on man caves on this site. There are plenty of articles about how, where, why, and what.

4.    Don’t give a F*ck

Be your own person. You should not care about what others think of you. There is no way to please everyone and it will distract you from your goals. You’ve set your goals and know how to get there. If other people don’t agree with that, keep in mind; would you want to trade places with them?

If not, you shouldn’t care about what they think. Especially don’t care of what others think of your choice of car, house, hobbies, etc. They’re not paying for them, they don’t have a voice in what you choose. You choose these things because YOU like them. Not because your neighbor likes them.

This will help you being more independent, courageous and simply helps you save money. You will also be more likely to reach your set goals since other people can’t distract you as much.

5.    Dare to be dangerous

Many men have a problem with being or even being seen as possibly dangerous. There are some big benefits getting rid of this fear though.

Being weak does not mean you are a good person. Being strong does not make you a bad person. Being physically and/or mentally strong can help improve your life in many ways. Strength does however come with the responsibility to be responsible and not hurt other people.

Many men make the mistake to be weak so they are incapable of hurting other people. That does mean however that they are incapable of exerting a positive influence as well.


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