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The coolest bottle openers for your man cave

14 Coolest Decorative Man Cave Bottle Openers [Decoration ideas]

For most men, their man cave will be a place to enjoy themselves. Part of enjoying yourself can be having the occasional beer. Or maybe you want to have some friends over and hang out. Most likely there will be some drinking of alcoholic liquids. Either way, a bottle opener is an essential man cave accessory. If you don’t have one, edges of tables, chairs etc. will start wearing down pretty quickly.

There are two major categories of bottle openers, ones that are mounted on something and ones that are hand-held. Let’s take a look into some awesome bottle openers in both categories.

Types of bottle openers for man caves

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1. Caplord magnetic

This very simple bottle opener consists of two pieces you have to mount separately. There is a top part that you can use to open the bottle and a strong magnet below it which catches the caps. The caps stick to the magnet and to each other. After you collect a few caps on the magnet it looks quite interesting and unique. It’s a good conversation starter, a useful tool and good decoration all in one. Check the Caplord opener price on Amazon.

2. Vintage plaque with catch

If you’ve got a classic décor, this is a great option. This bottle opener fits perfectly in a vintage décor and is effective. The bucket catches all the used caps. The bucket is removable so it’s easy to clean up the caps when it’s full.

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3. Modern with catch

If you want a more modern version, this is the one for you. The outside is brushed nickel and looks very nice. There are two ways this opener catches your caps. There are magnets in the opener itself that catch the caps. If this fails there is another catch you can mount below it that is sure to catch it if the magnet fails.

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4. Vintage handcrafted by a veteran

This opener looks a lot like the first one except this one has a decorative plaque and is handcrafted by veterans. It costs a bit more but in my opinion it looks great and is high quality.

This supplier has many different versions. Make sure to check out their shop. There is something for everyone.

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Hand held

5. Wrench

For the (aspiring) mechanic a bottle opener made out of a wrench if perfect. The good thing is that they’re pretty easy to make yourself. You’ll have to sacrifice a wrench to do it though. If you’ve got a wrench that’s already damaged that’s perfect. Otherwise you can buy a cheap one. Bottle caps aren’t super strong so you don’t need a very strong wrench to make a good bottle opener.

If you don’t want to make your own, there are plenty of people on Amazon that will sell you one for

6. Spark plug

Spark plug bottle openers are in the same vein as the previous one. Good for the guy that likes working on cars or motorcycles. It’s possible to make one yourself if you have access to a welder and are able to use it. Otherwise they’re not very expensive.

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7. Thor’s hammer

All jokes about male tools aside, who wouldn’t like to have Thor’s hammer? You can smash every beer that’s standing in your way with this amazing bottle opener. Are you worthy?

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8. Cap gun

Don’t like your friends that much? With this opener you can shoot your buddies with the caps of the bottle you just opened. Just watch your eyes. A bottle cap in your eye isn’t super comfortable.

Here’s a two pack of cap guns (Amazon link). Give your friends a fair chance to defend themselves.

9. .50 Cal

For the gun enthusiast, what’s better to open your bottle with than a .50. Since actually shooting the bottle probably doesn’t yield the result you’re looking for, a bullet converted into a bottle opener works a bit better.

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10. “The hand of the king”

For the Game of Thrones watcher that considers himself worthy of the title “Hand of the King”, this is the perfect bottle opener. Just be careful you don’t get stabbed in the back while drinking.

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11. Thanos’ gauntlet

Want to make half the beers in the world disappear with the snap of your fingers? Thanos’ gauntlet is the tool for the job. No other bottle opener is more efficient in indiscriminately opening all the bottles and making them disappear into your mouth.

Make 50% of the beer in the world disapear with a snap. (amazon link)

12. USS Enterprise

If you want to live long and prosper there is no time to be searching for bottle openers. Get this one to always have one nearby so you don’t have to waste time before you can put on an episode of your favorite TV series.

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13. Automatic opener

For the gentleman that enjoys advanced technology there is this automatic bottle opener.  Or maybe you’re extremely lazy… It’s a cool gadget and doesn’t damage the bottle cap. So if you like to collect the caps and use them for decorative purposes, this is a good opener to have.

The best bottle opener for lazy people. (Amazon link)

14. Sir Perky

This set of bottle openers is a great gift and is pretty funny. It’s something you probably wouldn’t want to have in other parts of the house but is perfect for a man cave.

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The coolest bottle openers for your man cave
The coolest bottle openers for your man cave