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New man cave furniture under $100 Chairs, Tables, media,

New man cave furniture under $100. ∣ Chairs ∣ Tables ∣ Storage

Your man cave needs some furniture. Sitting on the floor is not for everyone. But since you’ve got a small budget, you can’t just get everything you want. That LS engine block coffee table looks amazing but is also amazingly expensive. You need something a little more affordable.

Man cave furniture on a budget

A good option in this price range is to look at second hand stores/Facebook groups/Craigslist/etc. That will probably give you the best bang for your buck. If you don’t want to sit on something, another person’s behind has been on for many hours or you can’t find anything you like, you need to buy new.

There are a few essential pieces of furniture in a man cave. They are roughly the same items as you would put in a living room. The difference being that you don’t have to compromise with anyone. You can get whatever you like. 


The pieces are: Chairs, tables, coffee tables, media and storage.I would add a sofa to the list but I haven’t found any sofa under $100 that I could possibly recommend.

The selection criteria are: 1. New 2. Under $100 a piece 3. I like it.

$100 isn’t a lot of money for new furniture. For some items it’s enough, for others it’s really the bottom of the range. Let’s see what we can get for this amount of money.


1. Chair

Chairs are the most basic pieces of furniture. You need something to sit on. Sitting on the floor might be OK for some people but I really prefer to sit on something. Chairs are easy to move around and can be had really cheap. There are quite a few types of chairs so I’ve selected a few types that are likely to be put into a man cave.

Gaming chair

Many men enjoy playing video games in their man cave. If you like to game on PC you will need a chair that is fit for the job. There are quite a lot of specific gaming chairs but since the budget isn’t very high, I’ve chosen to include normal desk chairs as well. Many of them will do perfectly fine for gaming anyways.

What do you want from a desk/gaming chair?

  • Height adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Arm rests
  • Preferably a high back for head support


The first option is pretty cheap. It’s easy to assemble and quite comfortable if you’re not too big. Durability might be a concern in some cases but if you want to be comfortable for a low price this is your chair. Check the price on Amazon.

Another option is this mesh back chair. The mesh back makes sure that your back stays dry during heavy gaming sessions. Check the price here.


The king of the castle needs a throne. A seat just for you that makes you as comfortable as possible. For the money there isn’t much that is going to make you feel more comfortable than this recliner.

Check out what makes a recliner comfortable in this article.

Around the table

Maybe you don’t want to just sit around feeling like a dictator drinking expensive drinks in your comfortable chair. Maybe you want to invite some of the common folk, also known as “my friends”. They probably won’t be very happy if you sit on your throne while they have to grovel on the floor.

So make them feel at home with a set of chairs that make them believe they’re all valuable, by buying a set of chairs everyone has in their living room.

This set (Amazon link) is actually a good deal. 4 Chairs that are pretty comfortable for this price is hard to beat.

2. Table

Once you’ve got something to sit on, a table is the next step. There are different tables for different purposes. I’ve selected a few tables suitable for activities that are often practiced in man caves.


Gamers, writers, and tinkerers with small things need a desk. Desks can be quite pricey so for a $100 you can’t expect too much.

  • This desk is very simple but does the job. The 47 inch version is easily under $100. The 55 inch version is a bit more expensive but only a little. Click here to get it on Amazon.

Pub table

Pub tables are tables that are high and not too big. You can stand comfortably next to it and put your drink down. Alternatively you can sit on a bar stool. Since a “real” bar is way more expensive than $100, a bigger pub table is a good alternative for your man cave.

  • Table

This table is long and thin. It looks quite cool and is suitable to put next to a wall and create a small bar. Check the price on Amazon.

  • Set

I’m going to cheat a little bit here. The price of the item is well over $100 but since it’s a set, the price per piece of furniture is under the budget limit. This set looks nice in my opinion. The legs are metal and the tops are made of real wood. Check the price on Amazon.

Game table

To do things like playing board and card games, you need some room on your table.

  • Round

Round tables are great for playing games since everyone is an equal distance away from the action. For $100 you can’t get a very big round table. If you’re not going to play with many people you can get away with a smaller table though. This one is a good option that looks pretty nice as well. Check the price on Amazon.

  • Rectangular

If you want to play games with more than 3-4 people you should either spend a little bit more or go to a rectangular table. Rectangular tables are also a little bit more space efficient. This table is simple, and will do the job. Check the price on Amazon.

Coffee table

If you just need something to put your beer down while watching a movie on the sofa. A coffee table is for you. It needs to be a little sturdy because you’ll probably want to put your feet up on it.

What is sturdier than metal and wood? This coffee table is sturdy and looks great. This table is just asking you to put your craft beer and your feet down. Check the price on Amazon.

3. Media center

A TV is pretty much standard equipment for any man cave. Getting a new TV for less than $100 isn’t really possible. It is possible to get a media center to put it on though.

There are two options to put your TV on the pedestal it deserves. 1. Mount it on the wall 2. Get a media center.

Wall mounting hardware is much less than $100 for even a top of the line model like this one. It supports TV’s up to 70” which is more than enough for most people. Check the price on Amazon.

A wall mount is clean and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The drawback is that you don’t have any space to put your DVD player, amplifier, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. If you need storage space for one or more of those things, a media center is what you need.

If you like a modern style this glass and metal piece is a good option. Check it here on Amazon.

Otherwise you can go for a very cheap option like this one. It’s not made of real wood but since it’s about the same price as a cardboard box you can’t complain too much. Check the price on Amazon.

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