13 NASCAR Decorations Any Fan Will Like

NASCAR is one of those sports guys like to go crazy over. And I get it, there aren’t many sports that are as spectacular to watch as NASCAR. Maybe you want a complete NASCAR Man Cave or just something to diversify your decorations a little bit, you’re in the right place. I’ve got some cool decoration ideas that will certainly capture the attention of any visitors and make you happy any time you look at them.

Of course, there are decorations and memorabilia in many price classes. For every decoration, I’ve selected a cheap and a “less cheap” option. The “less cheap” option is often a one-off signed collectible. That means that only one is available. If it’s gone, it’s gone.

1.    Helmet

Besides a car, a helmet is something that’s absolutely necessary when participating in any kind of racing. Often, helmets are something cool to look at. Helmets are something that is super close to the driver’s head. That makes it something very personal to have. So if you’ve got a favorite driver, getting their hard hat is a super cool decoration.

There are a few options to get a NASCAR-related helmet in your man cave:

  • A Scale replica
  • Full-size signed collectible (not race-worn)
  • Race-worn and signed Collectibles

Obviously, the options are listed from cheapest to most expensive. An actually race-used helmet will be very difficult to find since there aren’t that many of them. If you’re lucky enough to find one, be prepared to pay. A lot…

For most people, a full-sized signed collectible will be the best option. It recreates the exact look of a certain driver for a certain season. They are pretty much the same as the “real” one except it’s not worn by the driver. They are however signed by the driver.

Here are some cool options:

2.    Model car

The most obvious decoration any NASCAR fan can get is a die cast model. Obvious but still something very cool. Now they’re not too big so you might want to get more than one. The good news is that there are tons of models available. You can get models of different teams, years, liveries, signed, unsigned, etc. So you’ve got plenty of choices to fill your shelves with.

With die-cast NASCAR models, you’ve got two basic options:

  • Autographed
    • Signed box
    • Signed car
  • Not autographed

Of course, there are also big differences in sizes and quality between the different manufacturers.

The non-autographed models are made by Lionel Racing, often come in a 1:64 scale, and are relatively cheap at about $10 for one. Although the price varies a bit per model. These are good options if you want to fill a shelf or display case since they won’t completely ruin your bank account.

Signed models are a lot more expensive than you might expect. With a price range from roughly $150 to $500, they’re not something you would fill a whole shelf with. But one or two are a really cool addition to your collection.

You can get models that are sealed in the packaging and the packaging is signed. Other models have unsigned packaging but the model is signed. What you prefer is up to you of course.

Some suggestions:

3.    Car parts

A whole NASCAR car is pretty unattainable for most people. Although you can find them for about $30k, most of us won’t spend that kind of money on decoration. If you ARE in the position to do so, check out this website. You’ll be able to find something there.

For the rest of us, just a part of a car is also really cool to have in your man cave. Since most people won’t go to a track and pick up some parts that have blown off. (Although if you can that’s awesome). You can buy pieces of the cars online. Keep an eye on Ebay or other auction sites and they will pop up here and there.

Car parts can be cool decorations

4.    Posters

Of course, any decoration guide would be incomplete without mentioning posters. Posters are available for any topic you can think of.

For NASCAR related posters, you can go in a few directions. There are just general NASCAR related posters but also pictures of drivers, cars, special moments, collages and more. And finally, you can get many posters that have been signed by a certain driver.

Here are some suggestions:

5.    Sponsor signs/flags/posters

There are a ton of companies and organizations that sponsor NASCAR teams. If you’ve got a favorite team or you just like the livery of a certain team, you can kind of recreate the livery of one of the cars by getting the signs or flags of the sponsors of that team.

By itself, this might look a bit strange but if it’s tied together with a whole NASCAR theme, it will look pretty cool. Also, certain racing related brands have cool products to decorate your garage or man cave.

Here are three examples of racing related decorations:

6. Showcase

All the signed memorabilia are pretty pricey. For the right person they are worth it but it’s still a lot of money. That means you want to protect your item from many things. Dirty hands, dust, beer, etc. are all things that can make your treasured signed helmet look worse than it could.

For that purpose, it’s a good idea to get a case for your Memorabilia. This case can help you protect whatever is inside and at the same time create a place to show off whatever is inside. Putting something in a showcase will make it look much more special than just putting it on a shelf.

Of course, you want a case that’s made for whatever you want to put inside. You can get them for most popular sports and are not too expensive.

Here are some suggestions for the items I’ve listed above:

Other decoration ideas

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