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Awesome man cave decoration ideas for car guys

Great Motorcycle Decorations For Man Caves [Decor Suggestions]

You got your man cave. You convinced your partner you need it. You cleaned out a space you’re going to use. Now you’re looking at an empty room and want to put your mark on the walls. You love everything about motorcycles. Everything from riding to cleaning, maintaining etc. What are some awesome motorcycle related decorations that really put your mark on your man cave?

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Man cave decoration ideas for motorcyclists

Here is a quick list of things that are great man cave decorations for motorcycle lovers. Anything you like can be a decoration. Some things are meant to be decorations, some aren’t but actually look really cool if used right.

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Decoration ideas

1. A bike

If you can pull it off, having your bike right there would be very cool. It’s only really possible if your man cave is the garage though. If you’re in any other room it’s not very practical. If you’d really like to have a bike in the room, you can get a small bike that you like to look at. If it’s just for decoration it doesn’t have to work so you can get it for cheap. And you can drain all the fluids so you don’t risk anything leaking on your floor.

If it’s a very light bike you might be able to mount it on the wall, but it depends on the wall and the bike.

The best man cave decoration for motorcycle lovers.
The best man cave decoration for motorcycle lovers.

2. Parts

Most people won’t have the space, money or room to be able to put a whole bike in their man cave. A great alternative is if you can get some good looking parts or possibly some parts that hold sentimental value. This can be one of coolest things to decorate your walls with if you’re interested in motorcycles.

Your own

The coolest parts are probably from your own bike. Maybe you have a nice looking part from an old bike you don’t own anymore. Most people have fond memories of bikes they owned before, especially their first one. If you can find a nice looking part from your first bike, that makes for an awesome and meaningful wall decoration. Or it can be any part that holds some value for your. Something like a fairing from a bike you crashed can be a great reminder that you’re lucky to be alive.


Parts from other bikes can look awesome as well of course. You can get parts in the usual places. Breaker yards, ebay, amazon etc. The benefit of this is that you can get parts from a bike that might be your dream bike. It’s probably easier to obtain just a few parts of your dream bike than to get the whole bike.

Which parts?

What are some of the best parts to put on the wall?

  • A license plate from a bike you don’t have anymore. They usually elicit good memories.
  • Complete front fairing with lights, windscreen, etc.
  • Whole front end with fork, wheel, brakes, fairings, etc.
  • A nicely shaped petrol tank. Check out this one on Amazon for example.
  • Fairings
  • A used piston can be a great paperweight or little gimmick on a table.

3. Riding gear

Most people wear at least some protective gear when riding their motorcycles. Some of this gear can actually make for great wall decorations. A jacket with patches you don’t use anymore can be something very cool and personal. Alternatively, a nice looking helmet can be a good wall adornment. Or maybe a helmet you wore when you had a big crash can be quite meaningful. Not to mention a good reminder to wear your helmet when you go out to ride.

4. Posters

Posters are the easiest way to decorate your walls by far. Easy to put up and take down when you’re bored of them.

There are some categories of posters that are great to put on your walls. Of course it depends on what kind of bikes you’re into which posters you’ll like. Also the rest of the decorations play a role.


Retro and classic posters are quite popular and for good reason. They look cool and there is a lot of choice. Retro posters have the perfect look for many man caves and sometimes they can remind us of a good time in our lives. I quite like this one on Amazon for example.

Retro posters for motorcycle lovers


Another category is photos. Photos can be great if they fit in the rest of the décor. You can choose photos that just show the motorcycle.

You can also choose pictures with people in them. This might be good if you need some masculine inspiration. There aren’t many things as cool as Steve McQueen or James Dean on a motorcycle.


The last category I want to mention is drawings. A sketch of one of the first Harley Davidson’s or an expanded engine is a pretty awesome thing to have on your wall.

5. Prints

A step up from posters are prints. They usually look a bit better and classier than posters. Another benefit is that people are doing really cool things with this form of art by splitting up a single picture into several prints. By hanging the prints next to each other you recreate the bigger picture but it looks much better than a single big picture would.

Look at this one on Amazon for example. It features an eagle and a Harley. It doesn’t get much more American than that!

6. Signs

Classic signs are awesome to give some more atmosphere to a room. Especially old or old looking signs are great for this purpose. They remind us of a simpler time. Old fashioned signs for garages, oil brands, petrol stations, brands, etc. are great to build atmosphere in your man cave.

If you’re a fan of something specific you can get specific signs for most brands on amazon. Check out this set of 5 retro signs on Amazon for example. You’ll get some vintage signs with the logos of Shell, Esso, STP and a general gas station sign.

7. Sculptures/models

Something that isn’t on the wall are sculptures. Sculptures take up some more space than a poster or sign, but some are great works of art that deserve some space. They can be made from different things. From old soda cans to actual motorcycle parts to just plain metal wire and some scrap metal. Amazon has a lot of choice. This cool Harley sculpture for example. (Click)

Another great option is this ashtray. It’s made of old motorcycle chain and a wrench. The bottom has a picture of a bike etched into it. It isn’t very expensive so this makes for a great small man cave gift. Check out the price of this ashtray on Amazon.

8. Rug

If you have a hard floor in your man cave, it might be nice to put in a rug in a strategic place. A rug feels nice on your feet, can transform the look of a room and can help with some sound deadening as well. If you’ve got a sound system in your man cave but the room is a bit empty a thick rug might improve the sound quality a bit.

You can have an area rug in front of the sofa or lounge chairs. This will make your space definitely look a bit cozier and feel warmer and it’s more comfortable on your feet. I personally quite like this one on Amazon. It pictures a Harley-Davidson but is certainly a lot cheaper than a real one.

9. Mugs

You will likely want to consume some kind of beverage while you’re in your man cave. Why not get a mug that goes well with the décor? A nice motorcycle themed mug will surely make your coffee more enjoyable. Click to check out this awesome mug on Amazon.

10. Other

There are some other things that are worth mentioning.



There are plenty of great decorations to make your man cave perfect. Choose a few you like, and build your man cave. Riding motorcycles is something emotional for most men. If you can decorate your man cave in a way that you can connect to those emotions, you’ll love your man cave even more.

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