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Man shed Decorations Ideas [Styles, Items and Furniture]

Building your man shed in the garden is only the first step. After you’ve finished building, it’s time to decorate and furnish the place how you like it. A man shed lends itself very well to certain styles of decorations. Here are some ideas that are great decoration styles and features for your man shed.

1. Decoration styles

First let’s take a look at the atmosphere that a shed has naturally. It’s easier to improve the natural strengths of a shed rather than trying to make it something completely different. There certainly are different styles of sheds. Some have a more modern look than others. That’s something you have to choose before building.

Unless your shed or cabin is hyper modern, the main building material is likely going to be wood. This is a great base for a few popular decoration styles.

  1. English pub
  2. Irish pub
  3. Rustic
  4. Western Saloon

All of these decoration styles are popular for man caves in general. The thing they have in common is a lot of wood. Where creating wooden floors, walls and ceilings are quite the project in any other space in the house, it’s already there in most sheds.

That means it’s much easier to create these styles in a wooden shed than other rooms. Use this to your advantage.

Click the links above for more information about any of those styles.

2. Man shed decoration items

Here are some decorative items that can greatly help you get the man shed you want. Most of these items fit in all of the styles, unless otherwise indicated.


A hunting trophy (real or fake) is almost a mandatory decoration for a cabin. Especially above the fireplace if you chose to install one. If you’re not a hunter or don’t like the thought of a real trophy, it’s pretty easy to get realistic looking fake trophy. Check out this replica on Amazon for example.

A hunting trophy is a great addition to your man shed
A hunting trophy is a great addition to your man shed.

A hunting trophy is a great addition to your man shed. It fits into all of the decoration styles listed above as well.


Like a hunting trophy, some kind of weapon on the wall is very common and looks great. It doesn’t really matter what kind of weapon. Gun/bow/sword/etc. are all great options to put on the wall as long as you like to look at them.

Just be careful depending on how much you trust your friends… You might want to mount them very well if someone gets a little hotheaded at times.

Picking a weapon that fits the style you’ve got in mind is a plus of course. An Irish weapon in an Irish pub would be awesome.


Posters don’t quite cut it in a nice place like this. Vintage tin signs are a much better fit. Check out this article for more suggestions. Tin signs have the benefit of looking much higher quality than posters. They also last much better. Posters tend to get a little ratty and ripped after a while.

Tin signs, especially the ones that are meant to look vintage, keep that look for much longer.

Signs of beer, oil, petrol, car brands, etc. are all great options. Search Amazon for “vintage sign + brand” and you’ll quickly see plenty of options.


A map on a wooden wall also fits very well. Since it’s just for decoration purposes, it’s not necessary to go for a modern map that’s completely accurate. An old map (or replica) is a much better option to decorate your man shed.

3. Man Shed Furniture

Of course the furniture is an important part as well. Furniture is as much a part of the décor as the other decorations. Besides that, furniture is something that’s practical as well. So if you get the right furniture you get two birds with one stone.

So what is the right furniture?

While there are slight differences in the different decorating styles, most of them have a few things in common. These are the materials you can see in all of them;

The materials can have different levels of treatment. Sometimes (almost) untreated wood can look awesome while other times a higher level of treatment is a better fit. For chairs and bar stools, leather can be a great addition for looks and comfort.

Here’s a list of furniture you’re likely to need in your man shed.

  • Bar
  • Bar stools
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Storage shelves

Of course you could buy all of these things. But what’s the fun in that? Why not DIY your furniture. What’s more masculine than building your own man shed furniture? Sure that might take time and skills but there are some big benefits to building your own furniture;

  • You can create what you want
  • It’s going to be unique
  • It will fit perfectly
  • Saves money
  • It’s satisfying

If you’ve never done any woodworking before it might sound a bit scary. No worries, I’ve got a good place for you to start. Ted’s Woodworking plans, is a website that features many thousands of building plans for a ton of different projects, including the furniture listed above.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans are easy to follow for beginners and features full building plans, material lists and sometimes example videos. It takes all the guesswork out of creating your own furniture. It’s a paid service but, here is a way to try it out for free before you spend any money;

Click here to get 50 Free building plans from Ted’s Woodworking plans.

Get 50 building plans for free.

If you like it, you can buy it later. If you don’t, it’s free so no harm done.