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The Best Maps For Your Man Cave [Prints, Posters, Wall Art]

I can personally spend a lot of time just looking at a map. Maybe it’s just me but, they are intriguing to me. Remembering places I’ve been to, looking where I want to go next and sometimes just wondering what’s at the spot I’m looking at. If you’re similar to me in that regard, hanging a map on the wall of your man cave is a great idea. They look great, are informative and can be great conversation pieces.

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Recommended man cave maps

Since these recommendations are for man caves, I’m assuming that the most important purpose for these maps is decoration. So decor is the focus of most of these recommendations.

Wall art

Wood world map wall art. This piece is worthy of the name “wall art.” Beautifully made and customizable when you order. The different countries and states are made out of different colors of wood and are a different thickness which gives a 3D effect. There is some installation required but once that’s done, you’ve got something to enjoy for a long time. Check the current price here on Amazon. If the whole world is too much, check out this map of the USA in the same style on Amazon.

Canvas print

Colorful world map on canvas. This kind of map is more of an artistic representation of a map than anything usable. The outline of the world is filled with different colors to make a spectacle. It comes wrapped around a wooden frame with mounting hardware already installed. Just find a screw and you’re good to go. Check the current price on Amazon.

Goals and memories

Scratch off world map. For the frequent traveler this is an awesome map. Where other maps rely on push pins to mark your past and future travels, this one is a little different. The map is covered with a scratch-able material. Once you’ve visited a place, scratch it off and uncover the place. Perfect to track your past adventures.

Available with a normal background or a black background on Amazon.

US Travel map with frame. This map is highly detailed and comes with a frame of your choice and push pins to track your past or future destinations. Check the price here on Amazon. It’s highly detailed but large enough to find everything.


Wooden nautical map of the great lakes

Moon map. Have you always dreamed to become an astronaut? Planning to build a secret base outside of this earth? Having a map of the moon is a good place to start planning. Get it here on Amazon. Just make sure you don’t reveal your secret plans to visitors!

Mythical places

Prefer a map of a place that only lives in our fantasy? Here are some options for you. Maps of Mythical places that have a big place in our culture.

Middle earth. This map from the well known Lord of the Rings books allows you to relive the books and movies while looking at it. Printed on archive paper makes this map look the part and will last for a long time. It’s not too big at 11″ x 14″ so it’s perfect for a small spot on your wall. Check the current price here on Amazon.

Westeros. One of the most popular TV series of the last couple of years is Game of Thrones. While watching it can be a bit difficult to keep track of where everyone is. A map on your wall would help with that! This map (Amazon link) is actually divided into three pieces. They’re framed and ready to go on the wall. The black background will make sure it fits well into many man caves and it’s not distracting you while watching the newest episode.

Man Cave Maps

There are tons of different kinds of maps. There are maps of different places, maps for different purposes and maps in different styles. So many to choose from, so little space on the wall. That’s why you can find a selection of the best maps down below.

Map of the world man cave decoration


There are maps of plenty of different locations. You can classify the locations as follows.

  • World
  • Country
  • Local
  • Other

Most of these are pretty obvious what they are except the “other”. There are maps of things outside this earth. The moon, Mars, other planets, stars and even fictional places, like middle earth from Lord of the Rings for example.

A map doesn’t have to show geographical features either. You can have subway maps, maps of languages and maps with certain statistics.

Types of maps

1. Posters

Posters are the cheapest and easiest. There are tons of options to choose from and will look fine. To make the most out of a poster you have to frame it, otherwise it might look a bit sad.

2. Print on canvas

Prints on canvas are a big step up from posters. Prints certainly need a frame to look their best, but many times they are included. There is a lot more texture in a print on canvas. Usually the quality is also a bit better although not necessarily sharper. Prints on canvas usually have a matte look where posters are shiny.

3. Wall art

The last category is wall art. This type of art isn’t framed but is mounted directly on the wall. Often these pieces are quite big and more decorative than informational.

Purposes of maps

Different maps have different purposes. Why do you want a map on the wall of your man cave? We can distinguish a few different purposes;

1. Decoration

For most people that want to hang a map in their man cave, the purpose will be to decorate. That means you don’t necessarily need the map for certain information, you need something that’s good to look at and brings a nice atmosphere into your man cave.

For decorative purposes you don’t need a super detailed or up to date map. Depending on what you like, just an outline or artistic representation could be great.

2. Information

Another purpose of putting a map on your wall is for information. You want to know where certain places are and maybe what you can do there.

If you need the map for information, you want something more modern with as much detail as you need. Unless you’re doing historical research maybe.

3. Memories and goals

The final purpose of a map can be to remind you of your goals and experiences. Maybe you want to track which countries you’ve visited in your life. Or you have a goal of visiting all 50 states and want to see what your next trip is going to be. A map with pins or other markers can be very helpful. It’s also a great conversation piece in your man cave.

For this purpose you might not need a map that is super detailed but a little more than just an  outline. A map that shows countries but no details beyond that might be perfect.

Age of maps

With modern technologies like imaging satellites and GPS, there have been huge improvements in the way humans can create maps. Comparing old maps from before those technologies were available to modern maps, shows a huge difference.

The first known maps of the world are from the 6th to 5th century BC. These are based on the theory that the earth is flat. The first world maps that represent the earth as a sphere start appearing approximately 300 years BC

Those are world maps however. The earliest human maps are cave paintings from about 14,500 BC. They don’t represent the makers’ surroundings but the stars.


Obviously, if you want to go somewhere and you don’t know the way, a modern map is the way to go. Also for goals and memories, something that depicts reality as closely as possible is better as well.

Modern maps can be great for decoration as well, depending on how it’s done and what you like.

Old map of the world. Man cave decoration ideas


Within old there is still a huge range. Humans have been making maps for quite a while and we’ve consistently made improvements. But if your purpose is decoration, an older map would be great.

If you can get a hold of a map that is actually old, that’s the best. Of course really old maps can be difficult to find and can be quite expensive if you find something special. Take a look at www.raremaps.com. That site has quite a few authentic old maps, but they come at a price.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for and/or don’t want to spend big money, there are replica’s available.