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Improve your man cave toilet

Man Cave Toilet Fun: Gadgets, games and more.

Let me start off by saying that your toilet isn’t a good place for a man cave. It’s not really the place to have a couple of friends over and have a drink. That doesn’t mean you can’t do some cool things in your toilet though. Make your toilet time more fun and manly with some of the suggestions below.

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There are two types of bathroom we need to distinguish between. A normal toilet and a toilet that’s part of the man cave.

Normal toilet

Maybe you don’t have a man cave and you have to share it with others in your house. This means you maybe can’t go all out on remodeling. You can still change and add some things to make your private time a bit more manly though.

Just pick a few of the items below that aren’t too offensive to other users.

Man cave toilet

If you’ve got a toilet that’s attached to your man cave, you can go all out. Elevate the bathroom to the crown jewel of your man cave instead of a dirty little secret.

In this case you can go all out. Turn it into a secondary man cave that is fun for everyone. Although you might not be too happy when people don’t want to come out anymore. Maybe put the light switch outside so you can force people out.

How to improve your bathroom experience

So what can you do to take your bathroom experience to the next level? Here are a few suggestions. There are a few categories;

  • Decorations
  • Features
  • Gadgets and games
  • Essentials
  • Smells


Decorations can change the whole feel of a place really quickly. There is no shortage of decorations with “toilet humor” as a topic. And if you’ve got a toilet that’s sure to be free of women and children, you can finally unleash these wonderful decorations upon your bathroom.

1. Decal

I do like cover decals with stupid humor. That little laugh you have to let out, even though you don’t want to. You think it’s stupid to laugh about this but you still do…

On top of being secretly funny it also includes star wars references which makes everything better. If you’re a fan of stupid toilet humor, this “Storm Pooper” decal is perfect. Check it out on Amazon.

2. Sign

No toilet is complete without some kind of cutesy phrase on a sign somewhere. We can do away with the cutesy but a phrase is always good. This sign tells you what to do and not to do in this toilet. It might limit toilet occupancy slightly.

“Used beer department”Check it out on Amazon.

3. Blackboard wall

If you’re sharing your bathroom with others, a blackboard wall can be cool for different things. Playing games, leaving notes, drawings, etc.

Also, if you suddenly get struck by inspiration with your pants down, a blackboard is a good way to write down your ideas. You don’t have to run naked through your house to the nearest pen and paper anymore.

Put a blackboard in your toilet. Useful for communication



Need some epic music during your bathroom visits? An audio system is what you need. You’re probably playing with your phone anyways so that seems like a good player.

The speakers of your phone aren’t going to cover up the racket you’re making in there. You need something bigger.

A Bluetooth speaker is the perfect solution for this. This bluetooth speaker on Amazon is a very good deal for the price. It’s has decent sound, is waterproof and a good battery life. It might not be the best of the best but for the price you can’t complain.

Gadgets and games

1. Motion sensor bowl light

A normal white toilet bowl is boring. Bring some color into your bathroom with a motion sensor LED light. It lights up your bowl in different colors when it detects motion. Completely useless but also pretty cool at the same time. You can set it to change colors every time so you’ll be surprised every time. Buy one on Amazon and be entertained for countless of toilet sessions

2. Golf

The time of reading the soap bottle is gone. Now everyone uses their phone while in the bathroom. That’s going to be over once you get this game. Play a round of golf while sitting on the throne! Check it out here. Luckily it’s easily washable so you don’t have to worry about the hygiene.  

Frog using phone on the toilet
Stop using your phone on the toilet. Have some fun!

3. Bathroom Nerf

You need to sit down to play this. But don’t be afraid, you can still get your practice time in, even though you’re sitting down.

Hang the target on the door or wall opposite the toilet. Make sure you have a place to keep score (blackboard?) and have a competition with other bathroom visitors or even yourself.

This Nerf target set includes; A target, a small gun and 10 darts. The darts have suction cups so they won’t fall on the floor, helping to keep them clean. Get your toilet Nerf set on Amazon.


Every toilet needs certain things. Usually these essentials are pretty boring and/or feminine. Let’s see if we can find anything that makes your bathroom time a little bit more of an adventure.

1. Paper

If there would be a single toilet essential, paper must be it. How can we make paper more interesting you ask?

There are some funny versions of toilet paper. Many of those have political imagery so I’m not going to get into that. How about wiping yourself with $100 bills?

Ok, not actually real ones. Just paper with a print. Buy your $100 Toilet paper on Amazon. It’s not cheap but starting a conversation with your friends about your toilet paper is priceless.

Burning $100 note.
Want to use bank notes as toilet paper? Don’t light it first

2. Brush

The brush. That other essential item in your bathroom. Like the roll holder you can get pretty creative with this. When using the brush, you need some power. That toilet isn’t going to clean itself.

Use the power of your crushed enemies with this skull brush and demolish the dirt in your toilet. Check it out on Amazon.

3. Smart Seat

A bidet isn’t loved by many but those who do like it, really like it. This smart seat isn’t only a bidet but also has other functions.

The best of which is a heated seat. If you live in a cold climate, this is an absolutely awesome feature. Other features include “cleaning options” and adjust ability in heating and other options.

Buy it here on Amazon and keep your bum clean and warm, year round.


A side effect of many bathroom visits is the creation of unwanted smells. There are plenty of solutions for this problem but most of them involve girly smells and pastel colors. Not the things we’re looking for in a man cave toilet.

1. Candles

Smells are getting a bit out of hand? Light a candle. Usually candles smell like lavender or some other flower. Not exactly what we’re looking for here.

Try a “man candle” instead. Check out this “unique” scented candle. You might not want to light this one for yourself but I’m sure the next visitor will appreciate it. Buy “smell my balls” on Amazon to delight your visitors.

2. Poo pourrie

Going in with the knowledge you’re going to do some damage. Prevent collateral damage by spraying before you go.

The poo-pourrie “master crapsman” kit (Amazon link) comes with two different smells in a toolbox. When you take this out, you mean business. Besides preventing smells it’s a cool thing to have in your toilet and should provide some laughs for visitors that have the privilege of using your throne.


Pick and choose some of the options suggested above and make your bathroom time more fun, manly and entertaining. Have fun!