Free Single Garage Man Cave Bar Floor Plans

The single garage is a space many men will have available to convert into a man cave. Here is an example of what you can do with the space in a regular garage.

While a single garage isn’t the biggest space in the world, it’s not small either. You just have to be a bit careful with how you use that available space. The less space you’ve got, the more important careful planning becomes.

As you can see below, a single garage can still be the backdrop for a great man cave that is home to many manly activities. If you think it’s a bit too full, you can always remove one of the features listed below. In that case, you can have a bit more room to move around and for other activities.

If you remove the poker table, you could install a sofa and bigger screen + sound system. That would make a great home theater.


In the examples below, you can see it features;

  • A bar area with four bar stools, sink, and large fridge.
  • A small seating area
  • A poker table.

Of course you can exchange one or more of these items for something you like better.

The bar area has seating for four people, a fridge, sink and storage. There is enough space to walk around although it can be a bit tight if you’re having some friends over.

The used dimensions are 12′ by 22′ or 3.66m by 6.7m

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Single garage man cave 2D
Single garage man cave 2D
Single garage man cave 3D 1
Single garage man cave 3D 1
Single garage man cave 3D 2
Single garage man cave 3D 2