5 Awesome Free Man Cave Floor Plans

Man cave floor plans

Floor plans are a great way to visualize the possibilities of a room. I have prepared some man cave floor plans that I personally would be happy to have in my house. Click the links below to find floor plans for several different scenarios. For every scenario you can find a 2D and a couple of 3D plans.

The plans are designed around very average situations. For all the location in the house there are several different sizes. These are common sizes for these spaces or close to. That means many people should be able to find a floor plan that resembles a space they have available.

All plans are created at www.floorplanner.com. If you want to plan your man cave before you start buying things, or you just want to play around and see what’s possible, this is a great website to try. If you’re planning to create your own layout for your specific man cave, the following article is useful: How big should your man cave be?

Feel free to use these to get inspiration for your own man cave, man shed or anything else. Implement them exactly or change them however you like, it’s all up to you. More layouts for different man caves, sheds and cabins will come in the future.

Quick links

1000 sq.ft basement

Single Garage

Single garage home gym

Double Garage

Small game room

Floor plans

Basement Floor plans

The basement is a great place to convert into a man cave for several good reasons. Here is a post for if you want to know more about converting your basement into a man cave. There are some things to take into account before you start installing a bar and kegerator in your basement so make sure to read the article.

1000 square feet

If you’ve got a roomy basement to play around with, check out what you can do. This basement measures 30′ by 35′.

It features;

Check out the floor plans for this basement here.

Garage Floor plans

The garage is another popular space to turn into a man cave. Here are example floor plans for two types of garage. It’s one of the most common spaces to turn into a male space. The fact that it’s supposed to have things with engines inside of it, makes the garage a good place for a man.

If you want to know more about converting your garage into a man cave, check out this article.

Single garage

The average size of a single garage in the US is about 12′ by 22′. Some single garages are a bit wider or longer but for this floor plan I’ve used the smallest space most people have available. One of the most popular things to do with the garage is to turn it into a home bar. Here’s a layout that turns your garage into a nice cozy home pub.

This man cave floor plan features;

  • A bar area with place for four and a fridge
  • A poker table
  • A small seating area.

Click here for single garage man cave floor plans.

Double garage

Some of us are lucky enough to have a double garage available to convert into their perfect man cave. The dimensions used in this example are 24′ by 22′.

A double garage gives plenty of space to create an awesome man cave. You can fit many different items and activities inside this amount of space. A double garage is 24′ by 22′ on average so that’s the space i’ve used for these plans.

It features;

  • A large bar area with six bar stools, sink and fridge.
  • A seating area with sofa, armchair and large TV.
  • A pool table

Click here for double garage man cave floor plans.

Single garage home gym

Why not do something healthy? Do something masculine that doesn’t have anything to do with beer or watching sports. And what’s more masculine than lifting heavy things off the floor? A gym is a perfect use for an empty garage. This gym features:

  • Power rack
  • Bench
  • Full dumbell rack
  • Treadmill

This gym has all the equipment you’ll need for most workouts. Of course it doesn’t have the level of machines a commercial gym does but, you can do all the free weight exercises you can think of. No beer in this man cave but that isn’t very conducive to getting into shape anyways.

Click here for the single garage home gym free floor plans


Small gamer man cave

In this floor plan, you can see an example of what you can do with a bedroom or other space that measures 9′ by 9′. This floor plan is tailored towards console gamers. But since there are plenty similarities with a home cinema, it’s viable for this as well. Although you might not have a lot of space for a surround system in that case.

It features:

  • Large sofa
  • Large TV
  • Game Console
  • 2.1 stereo system
  • Fridge
  • Shelves for decorations

Click here for: Small gamer man cave floor plans

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