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Awesome man cave decoration ideas for car guys

Petrol Head Man Cave Decoration Ideas

Many men like cars. They like them so much they want to decorate their man cave with everything that has to do with cars. Here is a list of great decoration ideas for your man cave if you’re a petrol head.

Here is a quick list of things that are great man cave decorations for car guys.

Some of these are pretty obvious. Just do a quick search on Amazon and you’ll find plenty of decorations for your man cave. Keep reading for more information on a few of these decorations.

1. A project car

If your man cave is the garage, you’re in luck. Why not put your car in your man cave? Maybe your daily driver wouldn’t be too interesting, but what about a project car. I’m sure everyone had a dream car when they were growing up, why not get that car and make a project out of it if it’s not in the best shape?

OK, classic car prices have gone insane over the last years (although maybe not for much longer) but there must be some car you like and can afford. Make sure you get a project you can finish though. Many people buy a project car and never finish. Or maybe that’s what you want.

2. Parts

Ok, so a project car is not really decoration, its work in progress. Something that might be better for most people are car parts. Car parts can make for great decorations.

Which parts?

Which car parts are good for man cave decorations? Here is a list with the best looking car parts for decoration.

  • License plates
  • Badges
  • Bumpers
  • Spoilers
  • Flywheel
  • Valve covers
  • Brake discs

Your first car is almost like your first love. Most people will have fond memories long after the car has moved on (or ended its life in a ditch). So if you’ve got any parts from this or another one of your own cars, this can be a great decoration. License plates, badges, body panels, from your first car are awesome and meaningful decorations.

If you’ve got the money and really like a certain car, go wild! Valve covers from a Ferrari or a spoiler from a NASCAR can be awesome decorations to put on the wall of your man cave. Or what about a flywheel clock?

Engine block table

The engine block converted into a table isn’t exactly an original idea but it’s certainly still cool. If you have a block lying around, it could be a nice project to convert it into a table. Check out this article for a DIY guide. For a decent sized table you’ll need a good sized engine. For a small table an in-line 4 could do the job but it won’t look good. For a good looking table, go for an engine with V configuration. A V6 all the way up to a V12 can work and look great.

If you’re not in a position to build a table like that yourself , they are for sale although they’re not cheap.

3. Posters

As much as we like to drive cars, looking at them is also quite a pastime for many guys. Posters are one of the easiest ways to be able to look at them on the wall of your man cave. It might not be the real thing but they’re also cheap and easy to replace. Also check out my post on the best posters for your man cave.


Retro and classic posters are quite popular and for good reason. They look cool and there is a lot of choice. Classic promotional posters for grand prix’ and rallies are pretty cool. Here is one from the famous Monaco grand prix.(Amazon link)

Man cave posters for petrol heads


This is one can be really cool it you get the right one. A concept drawing of a classic Bugatti or an exploded drawing of a big block V8 is awesome to have on your wall. They also contribute to that “classic” atmosphere many guys like to have in their man cave.

4. Prints

Prints are certainly not as cheap as posters but they often look a lot nicer as well. Personally I really like the multiple piece prints. These divide up a single picture over multiple prints. When you hang them next to each other they create a single picture that looks much nicer than a single large frame in my opinion. Splitting up a picture in several different prints gives it a kind of 3D effect.

Take a look at this 4 piece hot rod print (Amazon). It’s printed on premium canvas and streched over a wooden frame. It comes with mounting hooks installed so it’s easy to hang on your wall.

5. Signs

Signs are also really good decorations for a man cave. Classic signs are very popular, just like classic posters. Having a few classic signs hanging around, helps create an atmosphere that many guys really like.

If you can find a “real” old sign, that’s great. If you can’t, places like Amazon have plenty of replicas. Especially old signs of oil brands and petrol stations seem to be quite popular. But you’ll be able to find many signs of different brands with just an easy search on Amazon.

6. Sculptures/models

Sculptures and models are another cool way to personalize your man cave. Sculptures take up some more space than a poster or sign, but some are great works of art that deserve some space. They can be made from different things. Some are cheap, some are expensive.

There are also some awesome models out there that are really detailed and are just great pieces to have on a shelf.

7. Slot cars

Ok, slot cars are not really decoration but it’s pretty cool to have a slot car track in your man cave. Especially if you like to have some friends over, it’s pretty fun to compete against each other. If you have the space you can leave it out but if you’re a bit short on space slot car tracks can be stored easily.


There are plenty of great decorations to make your man cave perfect. Choose a few you like, and build your man cave. Many guys like cars and will want some kind of reference to cars in their man cave. Even if you don’t want a completely car themed man cave, I’m sure you can find something in this article that will suit you.

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