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7 Cool and Cheap Man Cave Decorations [Under $25]

Not everyone’s bank account is blessed with a many digit balance. How can you decorate your man cave on a budget? Below is a list of 7 decorations for a very friendly price. What does “a friendly price” mean? From free to $25 per item. Most people should be able to scrape together $25 to improve a room they will spend a lot of time in. Which decorations look good and are affordable?

  1. Sentimental items
  2. Posters
  3. Signs
  4. Lighting
  5. Instruments
  6. Used bottles
  7. Clock

8 Best cheap man cave decorations

1. Sentimental items

The coolest decorations are things that have a story or otherwise sentimental value. Clean out your attic/basement/garage/other and see if you can find anything that has value to you or you think looks great. Often we forget about things we put away. We put them away because there is no good place to put them elsewhere.

Examples: Trophies, personal sports memorabilia, childhood toys, things your children made/earned and you’re proud of, license plates of your first car or motorcycle, etc.

These things can make the best and most meaningful decorations. Even if they’re not the most beautiful, they’re really personal and unique and free.

2. Posters

Posters are by far the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to put your own twist on your man cave. Posters are easily put up and taken down and are usually pretty cheap. They come in all sizes, topics and qualities you can think of so there is plenty of choice.

Got a man cave in your garage? This is the poster for you. (Amazon link)

For anyone that has a favorite movie, artist or actor. This shop has a ton of cool posters featuring artists, movies, actors, etc. Check it out on Amazon.

3. Signs

Signs are usually a bit smaller than posters but they often look better. As with posters, there are plenty of options available. They are not too expensive and can really liven up a room.

Many of the signs have retro styling even though they are new. Other options are personalized signs with your or any name on them you’d like. Like this street sign (Amazon link). You don’t need to steal them anymore! just get a street sign made with anything on it you want.

Got a great name for your man cave pub? This sign (Amazon link) will make it official.

4. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things you can change in a room to change the atmosphere. Bright fluorescent lighting is not the best choice for your man cave.

For $25 you can’t buy Philips Hue smart lights for your whole house but there certainly are some cool options.

String lights are cheap and flexible. There are so many things you can do with string lights. Wrap them around objects. Stuff them in bottles, spell out words on the wall, etc. Don’t let the word “Fairy” in this product description (Amazon link) put you off. They are good quality and will light up your man cave perfectly fine.

5. Instruments

If you play an instrument, your man cave is the perfect place to put it. No other people nearby to touch and damage it. Besides that, many musicians love to have their instrument(s) nearby to just grab them when inspiration strikes or just to look at.

Instruments make awesome personal decorations that often have a large sentimental value as well.

If you don’t play an instrument, go to some garage sales and other places where people sell their old stuff. Many people buy a guitar or other instrument with the intention to learn. 10 years later they realized that they still can’t play and have only touched it twice in all those years.

That means you can probably pick it up for very cheap. Since you don’t play yourself either, it doesn’t really matter what the quality is. Just choose something you like the looks of.

6. Bottles

Beer, liquor and wine bottles can make pretty good decorations. If you use the bottles of what you’re already drinking, they’re free.

Got a string of Christmas lights somewhere? Stuff the (empty) bottles with the lights and you’ve got a pretty good decorative piece and lamp in one.

It’s better to use LED lights strings (Amazon link) to put in the bottles since they are smaller and easier to get in to the bottles.

7. Clock

A clock is great to have in your man cave. It obviously tells you the time but there are some other benefits. Staring at it will tell your friends that are there it’s time to leave. It can tell you when it’s late enough to get your favorite beverage from the fridge.

It’s also a nice decorative item. While it’s not easy to find a really cool clock within our budget, there are are some options. I personally like the look of this one (Amazon link). The black color makes it look a bit more special than the standard white clock. It also fits better into most man cave decors.

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