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Which comfortable chair is best for your Man Cave?

No man cave is complete without a comfortable chair. A king needs a throne after all. Bar stools and other forms of less comfortable seating might be good for the peasants but you deserve something better. Your man cave is like your kingdom after all!

To get you to your perfect chair, we need to cover a few things first;

  • Types
  • Purpose
  • Styles
  • Materials
  • Features

Keep reading to find out more.

Types of comfortable chairs

There are so many types of chairs, you might as well just call them by their model names. I don’t believe anyone will care if I tell you about English rolled arm or contemporary barrel chairs. Very few people would even mean what that means. That’s why I’ve selected a few main types of chairs that are good fits for man caves.

Accent chairs

Accent chairs is an umbrella term for most types of living room chairs. Usually they go into the seating area next to the sofa. They’re roughly the same height and offer the same seating position as a sofa. If they offer the same comfort as a sofa depends on the specific type. There is a wide range of this type of chair available. on one end you’ve got small and thin chairs that are pretty uncomfortable. On the other end there are ones that are very similar to recliners except they don’t recline.

Man cave accent chairs


These look like most other living room chairs although usually a bit bigger and more comfortable looking. The big difference is that the backrest reclines. In some cases there will be a footrest coming up when you recline the backrest. This makes recliners more versatile and comfortable. On the other hand they also take up more space and are more expensive.

Bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs are thick fabric bags filled with some kind of filler. The filler can be made of different materials. Usually it’s made of dried beans or polystyrene. These seats are usually very low and promote a relaxed seating position. The filling shapes itself around the behind that’s placed on it. That means most people find these chairs very comfortable.

Depending on the type they might have to be placed against a wall to provide support for the backrest.

Movie theater seats

This is the type of chairs you’ll find in the cinema but they’re also available to other people. While you can get the same type of chairs as at the cinema, this is probably not the right choice for your man cave. The problem is that these chairs have to be mounted to the floor.

There is another option for home cinema seating. These are usually like sofa’s with extra armrests. At that point most people would be better off just getting a good sofa.


With the types of chairs covered, which one is right for you? That depends what you want to do in your man cave. Getting the right tool for the job is important. Here are the most common purposes for chairs in man caves.

Comfortable sitting

If the only requirement is absolute comfort, you’ve got a few options. What’s best for you? That depends;

  • How many people do you want to seat? (And do you care about your comfort or just your own?)
  • What’s your budget
  • How much space do you have?

If you want to seat more people than just yourself, A sofa is a better option than just chairs. Of course you can still get something super comfortable for yourself. A good recliner next to a sofa might be the perfect combination in that case. The recliner for you, the sofa for your visitors. Show them who’s king!

Recliners do take up quite a lot of space though. If that’s your issue you might just want to go a sofa and leave the recliner. Alternatively you could get a comfortable chair that doesn’t recline. These can still be very comfortable but take up less space. They are also a bit cheaper than a recliner.

A bean bag chair is another option. They do take up some space but have the benefit that they are squishy. You can make it fit in between two other things easier than a hard chair.

Console gaming

For console gaming you’ve got a few more options. Basically everything you can make yourself comfortable in but also allows you to move around and sit on the edge will work. Accent chairs and recliners are great for this purpose.

Bean bag chairs will work for some people but I personally have the problem that it takes a while to go from a relaxed to an active seating position when required. I often have to take one hand of the controller and use it to rearrange the filling to fit the new position. This just takes too much time when you’re in the middle of a game.

Watching movies

The phrase home theater encompasses a whole lot of different possible rooms. From just a TV to $300.000 cinema setup. Whatever your home cinema looks like, you need seats that are comfortable.

The kind of seat depends on how many people you want to seat and your budget. If your man cave is a home cinema exclusively, you want to have many people over and can spend some money, go for rows of seats like in a real cinema.

If watching a movie is only part of what you do in your man cave, getting those kinds of seats doesn’t make a lot of sense. They’re very inflexible and can’t be moved around easily. In that case it’s better to get a sofa and/or some recliners.


Materials have a big impact on the look and feel of a chair. For a man cave you probably want something sturdy and substantial. A chair that looks like it doesn’t collapse under the weight of a proper man.


Frames of chairs are usually made of two materials;


The original material for chairs. People have been making chairs out of wood for thousands of years and it has always worked pretty well. If you’ve got nice wood it looks great. A nice piece of wood has a certain warmth and depth that can’t be replicated by any other material. It’s easy enough to clean and can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

If you’ve got your man cave in a basement or garage, you might want to be careful with moisture. These places are more prone to moisture and humidity problems than other places in the house. Depending on the wood and finish this might cause some issues.


Metal is usually a cheaper option and can withstand more. Some people prefer the look of metal in their chairs. It’s completely personal. Metal is better for really humid environments. As long as it’s covered by paint it shouldn’t rust or degrade.


Other materials would include things like MDF, plywood, etc. These materials are often used in cheaper furniture. While it does the job, it doesn’t look good by itself and needs to be upholstered or painted in some way. These materials also really don’t like to get wet. They start swelling up and lose their integrity.


Most comfortable chairs and even some bar stools will have some form of upholstery.


Leather is the best option for most man caves. There are some massive benefits to getting leather upholstery;

  • It looks good and fits the style of most man caves perfectly
  • It’s durable although it needs a little maintenance every now and then.
  • It’s easy to clean.


Cotton is another very popular upholstery material. It can fit in your man cave décor but it depends on the weave and colors. It’s not as easy to clean and resistant to stains as leather is though. Although there are some blends that can account for those shortfalls. It’s also cheaper than leather.

If you go for cotton, avoid the lighter colors. Darker colors show stains less quickly and are a better fit for most man cave decors.


There are a lot of synthetic options as well. They are usually cheap and durable. They might not be as comfortable or look as good as the other options.


Not all man caves are the same. People like different styles. Roughly we can divide the styles into two main categories;


Classic decors like an English pub or Irish pub, are better suited for classic looking chairs. These types of decors are usually quite dark. That means your chairs should follow suit. Avoid really light and bright colors.

Especially for a British pub look you’ll want a lot of wood. Although you can use metal and leather as well. it has to be black and look old. New shiny metal doesn’t look good in a classic décor.

For more comfortable seats, leather is your upholstery material of choice. Leather has the perfect look for a classic décor and it gets better over time if cared for properly.

The look of seats should be more substantial in a classic décor as well. Thick legs and plush padding is good.


Modern looking man caves can go in different directions. You might want to choose lighter colors. If you are going for chairs with a cool design, you can either let them blend in with the other colors in the room or get them in a contrasting color to make them stand out even more.

Modern designs often look a bit “skinnier” than classic ones. Thinner legs, less obvious padding, etc.


Finally there are some features that you might want to keep in mind when shopping for man cave chairs. You might not care about these things but it’s good to know your options.


If you’re short on space in your man cave, a chair with storage under the seat might help you out. The seats that offer this option are quite limited however. Also, having storage under your seating might compromise the comfort a little.

Massage function

Some chairs offer a massage function. These chairs almost exclusively come in the shape of a recliner. If you’d like to have a chair with massage function, make sure to try it out before you buy. Not all massage functions are made equal. Some are much better than others. Besides that, many people don’t like the feeling. If you don’t like it, don’t spend money on it!


Do you think you need to spin around without actually moving from your chair? Look for a swivel chair.