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How Much Does a Home Bar Man Cave Cost?

Interested in converting your man cave into a bar? You’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost to do this. Here is a rundown of the costs of converting your man cave into a bar. Likely you’ll have to remodel a room or build a shed before you can start building your bar. The price for that can vary wildly based on size, style, wiring, plumbing, etc. You’ll have to figure that out on your own. This post focuses on the essential parts of a bar.

What do home bar parts cost?

Let’s take a look at the separate parts you need to build a bar. These are just the parts and assumes the constructions will be DIY for a large part so man hours are not included in the prices. For a roundup of which parts you need and why, check out the earlier post: What do you need for a home bar?

1. Bar

There is a large variability in the prices of bars. In its most basic form it’s a piece of countertop. You can DIY some pretty cool things for not too much money. Another option is reclaimed wood which looks awesome but is a bit more expensive around $250 for a short piece.

You could also get a “commercial grade” bar which will set you back even more but will look absolutely awesome.

2. Bar stools

Next on the list are the bar stools. Check out this article on bar stools to make sure you pick the right one. At the bottom end you can get a simple bar stool for $25 a piece. (Check the price on Amazon) On the other side you can get a nice handmade wooden stool that will cost you up to hundreds of dollars.

I like this handmade wooden stool. It’s very sturdy and looks awesome.

3. Workspace.

You need some workspace, preferably with a sink and tap, etc. At IKEA you can get a decent  piece of countertop for under $100. Add to that a sink, tap and some mounting hardware and you’re around $300. Prices go up from there.

4. Shelves

Some shelves for storing bottles above the workspace give a nice atmosphere to a home bar. Since this is as much or more decoration than functional, it is worth it to get some nice looking shelves.

Good shelves aren’t very expensive. Some cheap shelves can be had for $50. Since these shelves are also partly decoration it’s a good idea to spend a little more. For $100-$150 you can have great looking shelves.

These shelves on Amazon have a great industrial and vintage look. they’re customizable so it’ll fit your bar perfectly. (Check the price on Amazon)

5. Cabinets

It’s easy to add some cabinets under the workspace. This gives you some extra storage options for things you don’t need very often and for bottles and snacks that don’t have to go in the fridge at that time.

A cabinet on eye level is a good idea to keep your glassware in. Cabinets are about $80 a piece and go up from there.

6. Kegerator

Check out this article on kegerators. They start around $400 for a full sized one, up to $2000 for an awesome one.

7. Fridge

As with kegerators, I’ve already covered in another article what some good fridges for man caves are. For a home bar, you most likely want something that can make ice. A fridge with freezer compartment and some ice trays will work fine for most people. If you need and can afford something nicer, go for a fridge with ice in door.

The size of the fridge really depends on how many drinks and snacks you want to store in there.

A small fridge with freezer compartment will start at about $300 While a fridge with ice in door starts at about $1000.

8. Drinks

Of course you’ll need some liquids before you can open the doors to your friends and family. What you want to get exactly is completely up to you.

A keg of beer is about $120 and a good start for a home bar. A couple of bottles of wine might set you back $100 (really depends on your taste). That should be plenty for the first couple of nights.

To fill the shelves above your workspace to make them a little less empty you can get some spirits. If you are used to drinking these you’ll know what you like. If you aren’t, just get some basics.

Home bar man cave

9. Accessories

Essential items are; A bottle opener, Glassware and coasters.

Check this article about bottle openers. There’s something for every budget. A nice wall mounted opener with catch will cost you about $15

Nice glasses can be had for about $7.5 each. That’s an average, if you go to IKEA you can have them much cheaper, there are also more expensive ones.

Finally, the coasters can cost anywhere from $10 to $100 for a set. I like these customizable leather coasters.(Amazon link) The quality is good and they’ll last for a long time.

What does a man cave bar cost?

Here is a rundown of the minimum costs for a complete home bar:

  • Bar: $100 for DIY
  • Bar stools: $25 – $150 a piece (Need 4-6)
  • Workspace counter: $300
  • Shelves: $50 – $200
  • Cabinets: $80 a piece (You need at least 1)
  • Fridge: $300 – $1500
  • Drinks: $250 +
  • Accessories: $150 – $250
  • Minimum Total: $1330

That total of $1330 is the absolute bottom end of the range. That does include a lot of DIY and doesn’t include the remodeling of the space you want to build the bar. But it will get you the minimum to set up a bar that’s a good base you can build from later.

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