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Man cave gift giving guide for women. A step by step guide to selecting your perfect gift.

Get the perfect gift for a man cave owner [A step by step guide]

Your man has just finished his man cave and his birthday or Christmas is coming up. Now you’re looking for a gift but are a bit stuck. Let me help you out! Follow this guide to find out what the perfect gift for your man looks like.

You may not love his man cave but you’ll certainly score some points if you get him a gift for said cave. What’s a good gift is different for everyone. So instead of recommending certain things, helping you to select a gift is probably more useful. You’re probably in a hurry so I’ll try to keep it as short as I can.

Selecting the best gift for a cave man


Start with asking yourself some questions;

  • What is your budget?

How much you want to spend is one of the most important deciding factors in choosing a gift. Set an upper and lower limit of how much you want to spend. Anything outside of that bandwidth, you don’t have to look at. That eliminates a lot of options right out of the gate.

How much you should spend is completely up to you.

  • What does he certainly NOT want?

What’s he definitely not interested in? Unless you want to give him something that you know won’t be used, this is another couple of things and categories you can easily eliminate.

  • Has he indicated he needs anything for his man cave?

If you can think of any answer for this question and it fits inside your budget, your search is over!! If you can’t think of anything or it’s too expensive, you might have to look a little further and look at the next steps.

If you can think of something but it’s outside your budget, can you move the budget or find another creative solution to be able to get that gift.

Think about simple things that he hasn’t gotten around to getting yet. For example; a bottle opener, lamp, picture, a mat, rug, pillows, etc.

  • What are his interests?

What is your man interested in? Write down or think of what his interests are. Outside of his man cave, but especially inside. If you want to give a gift that is going to be useful in his man cave, think of the activities that go in in there.

Common interests are; sports (watching and playing), cars, motorcycles, other vehicles, movies, games, music, drinking, cigars, reading and more.

You should know what he’s interested in and go from there.

  • Is there anything he likes but you don’t?

You want to give a gift that’s going in his man cave. That means you can get something that is not something you would usually buy or want around the rest of the house.

I’m sure there is something he wants or finds funny but you don’t. Every person likes different things so if you can’t think of anything like this, he just hasn’t told you.  It’s a gift, you don’t have to like it, the person that receives it should like it. And besides that, if it stays in the man cave you don’t have to see it after you give it.

Especially if he knows it’s something you don’t like, he will appreciate it more.

  • How much space is left in his man cave?

The last thing you should give some thought is how much space he has left in his man cave. If it’s already full, gifting a giant motorcycle sculpture might not be the best idea. If it’s still empty it might be a great idea to go for something bigger. Is his man cave small? Read this for more information and ideas.

Read more about how big man caves have to be for certain activities in this article.

Now you know:

  • How much you want to spend.
  • What he doesn’t want.
  • What kind of item he wants.
  • What his interests are.
  • How big the gift should physically be.
Make your gift one to remember.

Steps to find your perfect gift

How do you find a gift with this knowledge?

  1. Go to Amazon.com other places can be great too but amazon has a huge selection of everything you can imagine.
  2. If you know the kind of item he wants, surf to that particular department on Amazon.
  3. Once you’re in the right department, add one of his interests to the search box on top of the page.
    So for example, you’re in the “Home & Kitchen” department.
    One of his interests is “Star Wars” so you search for this.
  4. At this point a whole lot of star wars related home and kitchen equipment will appear. Feel free to select a sub-department on the left side of the screen.
  5. A little lower on the left side of the screen, there will be a subsection named “price”. Use this to set your desired price range.
  6. At this point you should have a manageable selection of products. Pick one you like -> 1.)Is it something he really doesn’t want? 2.) Is it too big or too small? If the answers to both questions is: “NO”, you’ve found your gift!!!
  7. For bonus points: Is it something you don’t really like but he will? If so, definitely go for it.

Hope that helps!!

Bonus tip: If it’s a last minute gift and are using Amazon, don’t forget to select “Prime” articles for faster shipping.

If you’re still not having any luck finding a gift, take a look at the decorations category on this website. There might be something you like in there.