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Great man cave ideas for beer lovers

Awesome Man cave items for beer lovers. [Decoration ideas]

Who doesn’t like a cold beer now and then? For hundreds of years the drink has been a big part of social gatherings for many men. Often, men want their man cave to be a social place where they can hang out with some friends, and that means having a healthy supply of beer is common. Besides that, beer themed decorations help create an atmosphere many men like in their man cave.

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Here is a quick list of things that are great man cave decorations and accessories for beer lovers. Everything you need to make, cool and enjoy a nice beer in your well decorated man cave.

  • Fridge
  • Kegerator
  • Glasses
  • Tap
  • Signs
  • Bottle openers
  • Cap collection box
  • Beer map
  • Posters
  • Home brewing equipment

Keep reading for more information and examples.

1. Fridge

The first thing on anyone’s list should be a fridge. Nobody wants to drink warm beer.

If you want to keep it cheap you can just get a mini fridge. They don’t cost too much and do exactly what you want. Keep your beer cold.

A full fridge with freezer is nice if you need ice for other drinks. A full combo fridge will cost a bit more and is bigger. That means it’s not as easy to hide and you’ll have to look at it.

A wine cooler used as a beer cooler isn’t that bad of an idea either. Wine coolers often look much better than your average mini fridge which you might like since you’ll probably look at it a lot. Another benefit is that if you get a dual zone cooler, you can be precise with the temperature.

Especially if you’re into craft beers this is a benefit since many craft beers are recommended to be drunk at a different temperature than a standard lager.

Finally you can get a retro fridge. Northstar has some awesome looking ones and it might fit your man cave perfectly. They are quite expensive however. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable this one might be for you.

2. Kegarator

You can find all information about kegerators here; Kegerator Man Cave Guide.

The next step up is getting your own tap. Since you don’t want that tap to fill your glass with warm beer, you need a kegerator. If it’s worth it depends on how much beer you go through in a year and which kegerator you get.

To get a commercial grade one for at home is definitely overkill. There are quite a few kegerators that are reasonably priced and don’t look too bad.

The benefits are that it can be cheaper if you consume a decent amount of beer. Some people prefer the taste and it’s cool to have.

The drawbacks are that it is a bit of an investment to get started. You can only have one type of beer since you can’t change the keg quickly and there is an expiration date after you open it.

If you don’t plan on running a busy bar, the Edgestar KC2000 kegerator is perfect. It does everything it says for a very reasonable price. It comes with pretty much everything you need except a cleaning kit.

3. Glasses

Drinking beer from the appropriate glass can enhance the flavor of the beer. If you’re drinking normal beers you might just drink it from the bottle or can. But especially for craft and specialty beers it’s good to drink it from a glass. Not only can it enhance the taste but also the experience. If you have a better experience it will make your drink taste better as well.

There are countless of different shapes and sizes.

4. . Signs

To get some atmosphere into the place it’s a good idea to decorate the place with some signs.

Beer signs

Virtually all beer brands in the world will have their own signs. If you go on Amazon, there are countless of different branded signs for sale. Most of them look vintage and are good decorative items.

Bar signs

If your cavebar has a name, there are some services who will make a personalized sign with your name on it. It’s a nice touch to have one of these signs and makes it really personal. It’s got your name on it, that means it’s yours!!

Funny signs

Beer and alcohol in general is a topic that has inspired plenty of people to make funny and/or witty signs. Some are tacky but others can be funny or just look nice. There is a lot of choice in this department so make sure to look around.

5. Bottle openers

Where there are beers there must be bottle openers. If you don’t have any, the edges of your table will suffer. There countless ways to open your bottles. Even in bottle openers there is so much choice that it’s impossible to list them all. But in my opinion there are two main categories

Wall mounted

As the title suggests these are mounted on the wall. The benefit of these is that you always know where it is. They often come with a collection bucket to catch the caps. So that means it’s easier to clean up.


The other kind of bottle opener is the most common. The one you hold in your hands. They’re easier to pass around and obviously you don’t have to mount them somewhere. The downside of these is that they get lost mysteriously.

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6. Cap collection shadow box

You need a place to put your bottle caps. Why just throw them away if you can use them as decoration? A cap collection box is a nice decorative piece, especially if you like to consume different kinds of beer with different caps.

A cap collection box is a little box you hang on the wall. The front is made of glass, sometimes with inscription, so you can see the collected caps. They come in different sizes, colors and materials. Some sellers can provide custom engraving.

7. Beer map

Beer maps are wooden cutouts with holes in them for bottle caps. Often they’re in the shape of countries, states or popular items like motorcycles or guitars.

Since you can choose the shape and the bottle caps that go into it, it’s quite personal. That means you can prevent it from looking like some generic decoration.

8. Posters

Just like signs, there are plenty of beer themed posters. Types of beers, brands, phrases, anything you can think of. Posters are cheap and easy to replace when you’re tired of them.

9. Home brewing equipment

If you want to bring your beer game to the next level, consider brewing your own. You don’t brew your own beer because it necessarily tastes better or is cheaper. You do it because it’s fun. When you drink it you know it’s something you made yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you can start experimenting with different recipe’s and create the perfect beer for you. If you’re any good at it you can be sure that it’ll impress your guests as well.

It takes quite a lot of different equipment and ingredients to successfully brew your first beer. So it’s probably a good idea to buy a complete starter kit so you can be sure you’ve got everything you need. Starter sets come in many sizes and prizes. The first step for most people is probably a one gallon set.

The next step up is a five gallon starter set. In the five gallon category, there is a pretty good amount of kits available. The northern brewer deluxe kit is one of the best starter kits you can get. There are several tastes to choose from. While it’s not the cheapest, you get some really quality items for your money.

Northern brewer five gallon starter kit.


Beer is a topic that is food for plenty of conversations, fights and also decorations. Carefully picked decorations can really transform your man cave in a cozy place fit for many great evenings with your friends.

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