How to Create a Rustic Decor In Your Man Cave

Maybe your man cave is a place to get away from all the stress and impulses from modern life. You want a rustic space to relax and recover. Rustic spaces often feel soothing and relaxing. How can you recreate that in your own man cave? That’s what we’re here to find out.

What makes a space look rustic?

The word rustic usually refers to a space that looks old fashioned. It’s pretty the much the opposite of a modern interior. To form a better idea of what’s rustic, let’s go over some pictures to see if we can finds some common themes in rooms that are seen as rustic.

The above pictures are a selection of pictures that come up when searching for “rustic decor”. Not all of them are rooms and/or man caves but they still give a good idea of what to look for.

Rustic cabin
Old tools on a wall
Brick wall living room

What can we see?

1. Wood

Like the British/Irish pub we looked at in another article, we can see a lot of wood. On the ceiling, floor, walls, furniture and more places. Where the pub décor is usually stained very dark, in this case the wood is usually a lighter color.

2. Old tools/things as decoration

Another part of a rustic décor is old things and tools. Barrels, coffee grinders, bottles, signs, kettles, etc. Usually made of wood and metal. No plastics. Used plastic items usually look pretty bad and certainly not good for decoration. Things made from wood and metal get a nice patina to them and usually look pretty good with some cleaning and a little bit of pain if necessary.

3. Hunting trophies

This isn’t for everyone but it is a common theme. Hunting trophies are a great way to add some atmosphere to a room. If there’s a good story attached to it, that’s even better. The antlers on the wall or the pelt on the floor might not be the most politically correct thing but it’s your man cave. You can do what you want.

4. Bare bricks/stone

Besides wood, you can often see bare bricks and/or stones in rustic decors. There is a lot of variability in this since there is a big difference in colors and ways the stones have been laid. There are a lot of different options, take a look around to see what you like.

5. Re-using wooden items

Older wooden items are often used as decoration as said before. But in a rustic décor they’re also often used in a practical way. Read more about re-using wood here (Click) Some examples:

  • Old crates mounted on the wall as shelves.
  • Barrels used as a small table or base for a table.
  • Window blinds as wall decoration, saloon doors or actual blinds.
  • Old door used as a table top.
  • Furniture made out of used wood.
  • Reclaimed wood as flooring.

How to make your man cave look rustic

So how can you make your man cave look rustic? There are two parts to this equation;

  1. Structure
  2. Furniture and decorations

1. Structure

A rustic feel usually comes largely from the look of a structure. It can be difficult to get this from a modern house. A rustic structure will usually have some interesting nooks and crannies and often a timber frame of some kind.
This is difficult to replicate in a modern house. Some options to get a more rustic decor in a modern house;

  • Floor – wood
    • A rough wooden floor or at least wooden look, helps greatly in getting a more rustic look in any room. It’s also something that’s available at many different price point.
  • Walls – wood or bare bricks/rocks
    • Concrete walls are no good. Two options to make a wall look more rustic:
    • A: Add wood. There are many options to do this. Using real wood here will look awesome.
    • B: Exposed bricks/rocks. If you can do the real thing, great. There are pretty good wallpapers with just the look however which is much cheaper and easier.
  • Ceiling – wood
    • For most people this won’t be possible but, if you can it will look great. If you’re in a shed or garage and you can expose the timber roof framing, this goes a very long way to a more rustic look.

If you’ve got access to anything on the above list for free or cheap, that’s awesome. Maybe from an older family member or a farm nearby that is getting rid of some stuff. That way you can save some money, you know it’s authentic and maybe it even has a story to it.

2. Rustic furniture and decorations

A. Table


Making things yourself is very manly and satisfying. Some people have two left hands however. Don’t worry, this one is easy.

What you need: Two barrels and a slab of wood. The slab of wood should be on the heavy side so it stays in place.

  1. Clean and stain the barrels and slab of wood if necessary.
  2. Put the barrels in place. They are easier to move now.
  3. Fill up the barrels with something heavy. Sand bags or rocks.
  4. Put the slab of wood on top.
  5. Done.
Old barrels
Create your own table from old barrels

Professionally made

Do your projects always take forever and never finish? In that case it might be better to just buy a finished product and enjoy it.

This set of a barrel table and stools is not cheap but absolutely awesome. It’s completely made from reclaimed barrels. It looks great and will be the center of your man cave.

Click here for Amazon link

B. Sofa

If you buy the aforementioned set, the stools are included.

Bar stools are not what everyone is looking for though. A man needs a comfortable place to contemplate life and enjoy a drink.

Since metal and wood are not very comfortable to sit on, those are out of the window for this item. Luckily there is another material that looks rustic, is durable and feels comfortable; leather.

This sofa is made of wood and leather. The colors and patterns on this sofa fit perfectly in a rustic man cave. The reviews are great and seem to imply that it looks even better in person than in the pictures and it’s sturdy. Check the price on Amazon.

C. Decorations


If you’re a hunter, you probably have no shortage of decorations to put on the wall.

If you’re not comfortable with hunting or having an animal on the wall as decoration, you can actually get pretty good replicas. These replicas on Amazon look quite realistic but no animal died for it.

Common objects

Old and used common objects are often used in rustic decors. Why not go for some of those items for your man cave? Some items used by men can be great additions to your man cave.

Some examples:

  • Axe
  • Blades
  • Saw
  • Other tools
  • Barrel
  • Typewriter
  • Camera
  • Globe
  • Car parts
  • Oil lamp
  • Compass
  • Map

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting these items is that they’re interesting to you. If it’s something you have a personal connection with, it’s even better.

Maybe it’s a thing that has been in your family for a long time or an item you know a story behind.

Brick wall man cave

D. Storage

To put all those items, you need some storage space. The storage should be just as much part of the décor as the decorations itself. To accomplish this, we should be looking for wood and metal again.


Instead of mounting them on the wall, these crates are mobile. It’s a bit more flexible and just a different thing. Click here to check the price on Amazon.

Wall mounted shelves

These shelves are a great addition to your rustic man caves. Wood and industrial looking metal makes sure not to break up the design of your man cave. Check the best price on Amazon.

Solid oak shelf

If you want to step up your game a little, this 60” oak mantel shelf is the way to do it. It looks awesome and will last forever. The only thing that’s better is if you can find a piece of oak that’s been weathered outside over time. Check the price on Amazon.


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