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11 Best Man cave decoration ideas for Firefighters [Or supporters]

Firefighters have a job that is dangerous and stressful. And while I have no personal experience being one, I can imagine you need a good place to relax during your time off. A man cave is a great place to relax and unwind. And while you’re not at work, you can be proud of what you do. Show that pride in the decorations of your man cave. Even if you’re not a firefighter yourself but you respect them or maybe a family member is one, here are some cool decorations you can use.

Of course, if you don’t want to think about work when you’re relaxing, feel free to pick any other décor theme on this site.

1.    Classic equipment drawings

Classic, classy and cool. Old equipment blueprints are a piece of decoration that looks amazing. They don’t draw too much attention to themselves but will certainly interest a few people.

There are drawings available for many different items. Trucks, ladders, hydrants, etc.

Check out this one on Amazon for example. It features a patent print of an old fire fighters helmet. It’s printed on high quality paper and is ready to frame.

Another option is this set of 4 different patent prints in the same style as the previous one. It’s actually quite cheap for what you get. Check the current price on Amazon.

2.    Firefighter flag

Flags are not only good on poles, they also look pretty good on a wall. This is an American flag, where one of the middle stripes of the flag is red as in “the thin red line”.

It’s a combination of symbols that many fire fighters or supporters hold very dear. It’s handmade for an added touch of authenticity. The stars are hand cut and the wood is slightly torched so you get a beautiful contrasting grain pattern. It’s made to order so it can take some time before you receive it. Buy it here on Amazon.

3.    Toy fire truck

What better decoration than any boys dream toy? Toy fire trucks are toys for children. But they can also make cool decorative pieces. Toy fire engines come in plenty of sizes, styles and qualities to have something for everyone.

Any toy brand you’ve ever heard of (and probably many you haven’t) have a fire truck for sale. If you’ve got a toy brand you like, look for that. I personally have a soft spot for LEGO.

If you’ve got any kids it might be a great project to build this together. Lego has models of everything you could ever think of, as long as it’s appropriate for children.

Here are a LEGO firetruck and also a whole fire station.

4.    Turnout gear candle

Want to feel like you’re at the fire station while actually in your man cave? Try this turnout gear scented candle. Light up and smell the familiar scent.

This also makes for a great gift for any fireman. You can buy them on Etsy (click). It’s handmade any fire fighter will likely think this is a cool gift.

5.    Personal pictures

As a fire fighter, I’m sure you have some pictures of you and your colleagues in some situation or another. A picture like that absolutely deserves a place in your man cave.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” That’s the saying at least. Pictures have a way of evoking an emotional response in a single look, where words take much longer and more effort. Especially if that picture has a meaning to you personally, it’s a great thing to have on the wall of your man cave.

6.    Wall clock

For the people that want a clock in their man cave, this is a great option. It’s in the similar style as the flag from #2. Although this one doesn’t feature the American flag, it does feature the red line in the middle. On top of that you’ve got a fire fighter’s symbol.

Buy your fire fighter clock here on Amazon.

7.    Miniature fire hydrant drink dispenser

Just make sure your dog doesn’t get wind of this… A mini drink dispensing hydrant is cute and can be a quirky little decoration. And when used properly will surely get some laughs.

It’ll extinguish some fires and keep people hydrated. Buy your drink dispensing hydrant here on Amazon.

8.    Firefighter related signs and posters

Like any other topic in the world, people make signs and posters aimed towards firemen. They come in various types and styles. Funny, serious, stupid, big, small, awesome, etc. There is something for everyone.

“Be safe, sleep with a firefighter” is probably one of my favorites in this theme. Check the current price on Amazon.

9. Pieces of equipment

While it’s technically probably not allowed to take home pieces of equipment from the fire station, I won’t tell anyone… Any equipment is an interesting piece of decoration that grabs the attention of any visitor that might come to your man cave.

In my (non firefighter) opinion, the coolest pieces of equipment are the axe and helmet.

10. Decorative bottle opener

Having a bottle opener is mandatory in a man cave. Wall mounted openers are even better since you always know where it it. This bottle opener is practical and decorative. It’s made by a veteran and features the Maltese cross. It’s handmade and comes with a catch for the caps. What else could you wish for? Buy it now on Amazon.


There are tons of fire fighter themed decorations that can be used to decorate your man cave with. Of course you don’t have to implement all of them. Feel free to pick and choose. Many men might not be looking for something that’s just decorative but something that’s meaningful. For those people personal pictures, equipment and/or department insignia are going to be the best option.

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