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7 Amazing Engineering Man Cave Decoration Ideas

Engineers have an appreciation for how intricate certain things can be. Engineers look at things a little differently. There is a certain beauty in things that are well engineered. It can be an amazing combination of strict math and art. The beauty that results from a project that’s engineered and designed well can be amazing. If you’re a person like that, here are some amazing suggestions for decorations that you’ll like.

#1: Pictures of engineering projects

Pictures are everywhere in the modern world. The effort required to take a photo has been reduced to almost zero. That doesn’t mean that pictures are meaningless however. A picture can still tell you a lot and let you feel more than a whole page of words. And all of that in a single look. That’s why pictures are still a great way of decorating a space.

You want to decorate your man cave with things that make you feel a certain way. That’s where pictures of things you appreciate are so valuable.

While other people might not look at things the same way, you might want to put some pictures of engineering projects you admire on the wall.

Here are some suggestions:

Impressive engineering to put on your wall.

#2: Pre made models

The next step up from pictures is models. Many of the famous structures in the world will have some kind of model available. If you’re a fan of big engineering projects but not actually that good with your hands, or maybe it’s a gift, a pre-made model is a good option.

You know exactly what you’re going to get and if something is wrong, you can get your money back. If you’re interested in getting some models of an awesome engineering project as a decoration, check out one of the following;

#3: DIY models

While pre made models are good to look at, assembling your own model can be great fun too. There are even more DIY models available.

Where pre made models are always going to be the same, with DIY models there is some room for mistakes. These mistakes might not make them the best decorations so it’s all up to your skills.

Building your own models can be either more fulfilling or more frustrating depending on what your character is like.

Here are some suggestions for DIY models you might be interested in:

#4: Blueprints

Blue prints or patent drawings are a great decorations for someone who likes that kind of thing. You might think that these don’t make very good decorations but check out some of these below. Some design drawings have been reproduced on beautiful paper just for decorative purposes. Put this inside a frame and you’ve got a really nice decorative picture. That’s if you like the subject of the design of course.

Luckily you can choose whichever print you want. Here are some suggestions:

Classic blueprints are cool to hang on your wall.

#5: Model engines

I highlighted models before but, I think model engines deserve a separate mention. Model engines come in many shapes, sizes, levels of functionality and quality.

There are amazing engine models available that you can spend hours to look at. We can divide engine models into a few categories:

  • Replicas
  • Working miniatures

Often times the replicas are exact copies of an existing engine but smaller. They usually don’t work but look good. They are available from most engine models that have some kind of fame and/or popularity. They look cool and are easy. Just keep them dust free and you’re good.

Working miniatures often work with steam or heat. They are great toys to play with but also just to look at. They’re also great to explain to children or the less technically gifted how engines work.

Here are a few suggestions;

Engine models are the best decorations for engineering fans

#6: Vintage tools

From the more practical side of engineering you’ve got tools. Modern tools aren’t great decorations. Modern tools might work great and make your life easier, you don’t want to look at them on the wall of your man cave.

Unless you’ve got a DIY shop in your man cave of course.

For decoration purposes old tools work much better. The older, rustier and more used the better. Just clean them up a little and hang them on a wall or put them on a shelf.

Will your workshop look like this?

#7: Puzzles

As a variation of DIY models are engineering puzzles. These puzzles are usually laser cut out of wood and are functional after assembly. These puzzles are fun to build, then you can play with it and after that it becomes a useful decoration. 3 for the price of one, pretty good value if you ask me!

There are tons of them on Amazon. Not all of those are great though. There are two brands that are worth buying.

Those two luckily have a large variety of puzzles available. They all have good reviews on Amazon and are functional.

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