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Building a DIY Workshop into your man cave

One of the many possible purposes of a man cave is for DIY projects. Many men like to make things with their own hands. DIY projects are a great way to spend your free time. It’s fulfilling and you learn some useful skills you can use in other parts of the house as well. How can you create a man cave that’s suitable for DIY projects?

If you’re looking for a great guide on how to set up a workshop in a small space, Check out UltimateSmallShop.com

Workshop or Man Cave?

What is it going to be, a man cave or a workshop? Why not both?

Maybe there is a way you can combine both concepts. They are not mutually exclusive. Creating things with your hands is a something many men enjoy to do. For some people just having a workshop is enough of a man cave. Other people would like to have a workshop but also a man cave for other purposes.

Not everyone has the space to do both in different rooms however. Maybe there is a way to combine both of these things into one room.

Will your workshop look like this?

What to be mindful of

What do you have to keep in mind when you combine a DIY workshop and having “another” man cave?


DIYing makes noise. You probably won’t have people over while you’re working on a project, (unless you work on it together), so in that regard noise won’t be much of an issue. It can also create some noise that’s unwanted in the rest of the house however

Choosing the correct room for this project can help you keep noise levels in the rest of the house to a minimum. The best options in this regard would be the basement, garage or a shed.

This also helps if you’re using your man cave for having a few drinks with friends. Things can tend to get a bit loud at those times as well.


Sawing, drilling and sanding create dust. And quite a lot of it. Having a shop-vac can help a lot here. Some dust might still get away into other places however. So keep that in mind when choosing furniture and appliances for the other part of your man cave.

Choose some furniture that’s easy to dust off when it gets dirty. It’s a good idea to cover up some items that don’t handle dust very well like a pool table or TV.

Manage sawdust in your workshop.


Power tools use….. power. Yeah, surprising, I know. It does mean you need to set up your workspace in a place where there is good wiring that can support power tools. Whether it is a place that already has the wiring or where you can install new wiring doesn’t matter. Just keep it in mind before you’ve installed everything before discovering you missed something.


DIYing can create a bit of a mess sometimes. If you’re having people over after finishing a DIY project you don’t want them to trip over a sawed off piece of 2×4. Especially if the people you’re having over tend to consume alcohol from time to time, this can be a bit dangerous.

This can of course be solved by tidying up after yourself.

Good combinations?

Not all man cave uses combine well with a DIY workshop. The most obvious combination would be a workshop and a garage. The ability to fabricate stuff in your garage where you’re working on your project car is a great benefit.  

Other than that, most combinations are possible, as long as you manage the other considerations listed above. A workshop is a place that can get you pretty thirsty so a home bar is probably a good choice. A cold beer after finishing your latest project sounds pretty good to me.

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How much space do you need for a workshop?

Let’s say you’ve already got your man cave. How much space do you have to give up to integrate a DIY workshop into your space? As always there are two parts to the equation. How much space you need for the workshop and how much you need for the rest of the man cave.

Man cave

Click here to find out how much space several man cave activities require. If your man cave isn’t finished yet, this post can be useful to see how much you need and how much you’ve got left over in the room you’ve picked.

If the room for your man cave is bigger than what you need for your purposes you might be able to fit in a workshop. If not, you’ll have to make a choice.


So how much space do you actually need to set up a workshop? UltimateSmallShop.com mentions that you can set up a great workshop in 10’ x 6’ (3m x 1.8m) space.  That’s less than the short wall of your garage. While it’s definitely chunk of space out of your man cave, it’s not so much that it’ll take up all the space if you’ve got a decent sized room.

What else do you need?

We’ve covered some of the potential problems and space requirements, what else do you need to integrate a DIY workshop in your man cave.


  • Tools
    • Depending on which kind of projects you want to undertake, you’ll need a variety of tools. Almost all types of DIY projects need a variety of power and non-power tools.
  • Workspace
    • You’ll need some tables or workbenches to set up all your tools and have some space to actually work.
  • Storage
    • Tools and materials need to have their own place. If you don’t have storage space it’s impossible to find anything when you need it.
  • Furniture
    • Sometimes you need to sit down for some detailed work. A chair would be nice in that instance

Man cave

The things you need for the rest of the man cave depend on your purpose. Most people will need a few pieces of furniture like table, chairs and a bar, as well as some appliances like a fridge, TV or kegerator.  

Take a look at the recommended Man Cave Items for more about what you need.  

DIY furniture

Since you want to set up a workshop anyways, why not DIY the furniture you’re going to use in your man cave? Start with the workshop and start filling up your man cave piece by piece.

It’ll take some time but it can be greatly rewarding to have a man cave where you’ve created almost everything with your own hands.

Creating furniture from scratch isn’t easy. To get started, check out this website: TedsWoodWorking.com. This site provides a massive amount (16000+) of building plans for anything you can imagine making out of wood. You’ll find material lists, building plans, step by step instructions and sometimes videos.

It’s a paid website but if you just want to try for free, CLICK HERE to get 50 plans for free. If you don’t like it, it’s free so no harm done.

How much does it cost?

How much money do you need to do all of this?  


Anyone who’s ever bought tools knows how expensive they can be. Most people will already have a set of tools but, you might want to complete your workshop with some nice new tools.

Besides that you’ll need some workbenches and storage space for materials. All of this can add up pretty quickly. Full workshops can cost thousands of dollars.

UltimateSmallShop.com has an awesome guide that shows you how to set up a complete workshop for under $1000. It shows you how to get good tools for cheap, how to set up your shop for maximum efficiency and in a small space. This guide also provides information on safety, dust management, lighting, ventilation and soundproofing.

All in all, the Ultimate Small Shop guide shows you how to set up a good shop in a small space for under $1000. That’s a pretty neat package of information. No, it’s not free but i’m sure you’ll save some money and space by getting this guide. So in the end it pays for itself.

Get the small workshop guide here now.

This is a very useful guide on how to build a good shop on a budget.


The rest of the man cave can vary wildly in cost. From almost free to many thousands. It really depends on what your plan is. Check out this article on creating a man cave on a budget. It outlines how you can create a great man cave for just a few hundred dollars.