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20 Best Christmas Man Cave Gifts [At $25, $50, $100 and $1000]

Looking for a Christmas gift for a man cave owner? You’re in the right place. Here are the 20 best gifts for a man cave occupant for your budget. They are all good, use your best judgment which gift is the best fit for the intended target of your gift.

The best gifts are things people secretly want but would never buy for themselves. Or better yet, something they didn’t even know they wanted. Here are a few suggestions that might tick those boxes for you.

Best gifts under $25

1.     Sexy bottle opener

Slightly inappropriate for a family Christmas party but if there are only adults around, this is a great man cave present. A man cave is also the perfect place to use this bottle opener since there will only be adult males around. Most of which can appreciate the fine art that is depicted on this gorgeous piece.

Get your sexy opener on Amazon.

2.     Poo pourie

Most air fresheners are aimed towards women. Man caves have toilets too though. Toilets need air fresheners from time to time. That’s just the way it is. Until now, there wasn’t a real solution for the man cave occupant. Until now…..

Here is the perfect solution: Poo pourie! (Amazon link)

Masculine, Manly, Macho and Magical. Your cave man will certainly love this gift.

3.     String lights

Every space gets better with some string lights. These string lights have a classic look and can completely transform a dark hole into a welcoming man space. It won’t even have to be called a cave anymore.

Not much installation is required and for $25 it is a really good deal for how big an impact it has on the look of a space. Check the current price for string lights on Amazon.

4.     Benshot shot glasses

Many man caves are the backdrop for some kind of alcohol consumption. These shot glasses made by Benshot are a great way to get your liquor inside. Made in the USA and eligible for prime shipping so if you’re a little late with your Christmas shopping, you’re still good.

The main feature that sets these glasses apart is the bullet lodged in the side of it. It looks cool and is definitely a step above a standard shot glass.

For under $25 (Check current price on Amazon) you can get a set of two shot glasses with real .308 bullet.

5.     Beard grooming kit

Give your man cave dweller the chance to polish his rough looks a little bit. A beard grooming kit is very helpful in that regard. For $25 you can get a pretty luxurious beard grooming kit that has everything to transform your caveman into a man. This kit on Amazon has great reviews and has everything you need.

Best man cave presents below $50

Is your caveman worth a slightly more expensive gift? I’ve got you, here are the best gifts below $50.

1.     Liberty classics engine models

Engine models are a great decorative piece for every man cave. Almost every man likes things that are loud and fast. While these Liberty Classics models are neither, they do remind you of those things.

This brand makes detailed replicas of many iconic engines. There’s something for everyone. This Chevy with blower model is pretty awesome. Check the current price on Amazon.

2.     Liquor dispenser

Funny, fitting for a man cave and a little gimmicky. This liquor dispenser in the shape of an old fashioned petrol pump ticks all those boxes.

It’s something for the man that has nothing left to wish for, until he sees this beauty. The moment he sets eyes on this dispenser he’ll realize it’s the thing that has been missing from his life. This dispenser on Amazon is good quality and has good reviews.

3.     Personalized man cave bar sign

Many man caves are home to some kind of bar. A bar needs a sign. It’s quite easy to get one personalized to say whatever you want. It’s a great gift for every caveman. You have the choice of a wooden or plastic sign.

Wood is by far the better looking choice for most people since it fits better into the average man cave décor.

Get your personalized sign here on Amazon.

4.     Lord of the Rings Wood beer mug

One mug to rule them all. There can only be one ruler in a man cave. That ruler needs a proper vessel for his drinks. Check out this awesome wooden mug that has LOTR inspired inscriptions.

The mead will certainly taste better from this mug (Amazon)

5.     Sports collectibles

Many men are big sports fans. Man caves are often used to watch the game with some friends. What the favorite sport of your caveman is, you know best of course.

Sports collectibles can be very expensive but, there are quite a few cool things to be had in this price range.

Awesome man cave Christmas gifts under $100

1.     Neon sign

Neon signs are something that liven up a man cave a lot. Under $100 you can find some smaller neon signs that are fun and provide a cool gadget for any man cave. For a bigger wall mounted neon sign you might have to stretch you budget a little more.

Suggested post: Neon signs for your man cave.

2.     5 piece wall map

Man caves need some decoration too. For under $100 you can get some great wall art. This is not your average poster. A canvas print gives a much more luxurious look.
I personally like the 5 piece wall map.

This is a world map that’s split up in 5 different prints. This gives a more interesting look than just a single piece.

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3.     Air fryer

Watching the game and having a few beers can make you crave some deep fried foods. You probably don’t want to fry your food in oil inside the man cave. This can really dirty up a place quickly.

An air fryer keeps things a bit cleaner and healthier. It’s a win-win. Here’s a good one for a decent prize on Amazon. It’s also big enough for your caveman and a fair few of his friends.

4.     Bluetooth speaker

A gift that’s not only useful inside the man cave but everywhere. Bluetooth speakers are a great little gadget that is easy to use and easy to carry.

Man caves are often used to relax, DIY projects and other things that would be made better with some music. A whole sound system would be nice but costs way more. For $100 you can get a good Bluetooth speaker that’ll cover everyone’s except the audiophiles needs.

This JBL speaker on Amazon is waterproof, has good sound quality and has amazing reviews.

5.     Philips Hue starter kit

Smart lights are a cool toy to have. Philips Hue is still the best choice since it’s easily integrated into other smart systems or used stand-alone. You can control the lights from your smart phone and that’s a cool trick to show to your friends.

The starter kit (Amazon) has everything you need to begin using this system and comes with four bulbs. That’s probably enough for a smaller man cave.

Ultimate Man cave Christmas gifts for $1000

This is the ultimate gift for a man cave owner. Some of them need a lot of space so it would be a good idea to measure interest before spending this amount of cash.

1.     Kegerator

The kegerator is the crown jewel of any man cave. Having cold beer on tap all day every day is a great present to give a cave dweller.

Kegerators come in different sizes, qualities and prices. For $1000 you can buy a kegerator that is great for home use. It’s unlikely that his man cave needs a commercial grade kegerator that’s meant to serve hundreds of pints a night.

So home kegerators are perfectly suitable tools for the job of watering a man cave. A good example of a home kegerator is this Edgestar KC2000. It’s a great size for a man cave at a good price. Check the current price on Amazon.

If you want to know more about kegerators before buying, here is a post that explains everything you want to know.

2.     Pool table

A pool table is a great present but can also be a bit dangerous. If he’s been talking about getting one, go for it. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a risk. Since pool tables take up a whole lot of space, it’s not something you can easily put away when not in use.

3.     Neon sign

The neon sign was mentioned above but deserves another spot on this list. There are great differences in the size, quality and looks of neon signs.

An awesome wall mounted neon sign doesn’t have to cost $1000 but certainly more than $100. Read this post to learn everything you want to know about neon signs for your man cave.

4.     Robo Vac

Who likes to clean? Not many people. Especially man caves might suffer a little from being neglected in the cleaning department every now and then.

A robot vacuum can greatly help keep a man cave clean without any work. Keeping the floor clean and free of dust will keep the rest of the place cleaner as well.

This is one of the most popular robo vacuums on Amazon. The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S. It’s strong, works on many surfaces and quiet. The battery also lasts a decent amount of time. So for the price you’re getting a lot.

5.     BMW R/90-S engine model

For the BMW motorcycle lover this engine model is an awesome present. It requires some assembly but that usually only adds to the fun.

It’s really a smaller replica of the “real” engine. There are many see through parts so you can see exactly what is going on. It’s not cheap for an engine model but the level of detail and quality of this thing is amazing. For the right person (BMW motorcycle lovers) this is a perfect gift. Check the price on Amazon.

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