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Are there any rules for man caves_A look into the man cave rulebook.

Are there any rules for man caves? A look into the man cave rulebook.

I’ve covered what man caves are and their purpose in this article. That doesn’t answer if there are any common rules in man caves. So I thought this would be a good time to get into it.

Man cave rules

Are there any rules in man caves? Let’s start off by establishing that there is no “man cave authority”. There are no laws or rules everyone has to follow, except the laws everyone has to follow in their own home of course. You still can’t kill anyone obviously.

It’s kind of the whole point of a man cave that you can do what you want. So it’s safe to say there is no set of rules every man cave owner will subscribe to.

The owner can set the rules if he likes. I doubt many will go through the trouble of actually thinking of and formalizing any rules. Rules only really apply when you have visitors anyways. If the owner is alone all the time, why would there be any rules? He just does what he wants.

Perceived rules

There are some rules people think many man cave owners have; 1. No girls allowed. 2. You must behave like a caveman. Let’s see if there is anything to those.

No girls allowed?

Many people that don’t like the term man cave, think that all man caves have a little sign “no girls allowed” on the door. To go in you must whisper a secret password otherwise the door stays locked.

While I can’t be sure that something like that doesn’t exist, I’m pretty sure it’s not common. I highly doubt many man cave owners have a hard and fast rule that anyone who doesn’t have a bulge in their pants is automatically banned.


Still, I don’t think many man caves get many female visitors. That is for a couple of reasons.

-Women don’t want to go to something called a man cave.

-Many women are not interested in what goes on in the man cave and so have no desire to take part in it and be there.


-We all have one or more friends who you used to hang out with when they were single. Then they got a girlfriend/wife and suddenly they either don’t hang out or only with their partner.

A man cave is a great excuse to hang out with your buddies alone again. You might not hate their partners but you’re just not going to make the same jokes when she’s there.

In this case, many man cave owners might have a selective “no girls allowed” rule. Your buddies’ partner’s might not like it but you buddies most likely will.

-The other excuse is that the owner might not know any females who are actually interested in visiting at all.

You must behave like a caveman?

To want a man cave you must be a caveman, right? Well, maybe. Sometimes it might be good to get in touch with our caveman roots a little bit. Maybe don’t bash women over the head with a bat and drag them back to your cave. But enjoying simple things and working with your hands is a good thing for most people.

But do you have to behave like a caveman? Caveman is a word that is often used to describe men behaving in a way that women don’t like. Acting stupid, competitive, brash, etc. Maybe some of these aren’t optimal but they are masculine behaviors and they probably exist for a reason.

In the end it’s the owners’ choice. Some will enjoy the ability to act like a caveman without being disturbed. Others like to enjoy different things.

The rule is more like: “you CAN behave like a caveman.” What behaving like a caveman really means is up for you to decide. In the end the point is that you can do what you want in your man cave.

Rules for visitors

So the owners can pretty much do whatever they want as long as it’s legal. But occasionally there are going to be visitors in those caves.

Now, would you want to visit someone that has you agree to certain rules before you can go in? I wouldn’t come back after the first time that happened.  So, while most people won’t present you with a contract to sign, it’s always good to be a good guest.

Good guest

There are some things you can do to be a welcomed man cave guest. You’re probably friends with the owner already but if you want to keep it that way, try to do some of the following things.

Bring beer/beverages/snacks

If you’re consuming your hosts snacks and beverages, it’s nice to bring something in return. A six pack of craft beer or a bag of chips goes a long way in making a good impression.

Clean up

Don’t leave your friend to clean up everything when you leave. Take two minutes to clean up the mess you made before you leave.

Know when to leave

Nothing is as irritating as a guest who doesn’t know when to leave. I must admit I’ve been that person and I’m not proud of it. Leave before you’re asked to.

Bringing partners

Don’t bring your new girlfriend or even wife to your buddy’s man cave unless specifically asked. Your buddy wants to hang out with you and talk about man things. Bringing your partner does not help that.

Funny rules

Above are the serious things. Time to lighten up the mood a little bit. These rules are half serious, half funny. They play into the caveman stereotype. Don’t take them too seriously.

  • My cave, my remote
  • Don’t touch my stuff
  • Scratching allowed
  • Man decorates man cave
  • Replenish all beer stock
  • No sitting in my chair
  • No talking about feelings

Man cave rule signs and wall decorations

If you want to make clear that you have these kinds of rules in your man cave, you can get a sign that tells all your visitors exactly what you can and can’t do.

For a modern look you can get this nice looking canvas print.

To make clear your precious decorations are not for touching this is a good sign.

This sign is an absolute necessity on your door.

If you’ve got guests that can’t read very well and need pictures to understand the rules, this is your poster.

If you want something more personal, this rule sign can be personalized to bear your name to make very clear whose rules they are.


There are no common rules for man caves. The owner can do what he wants. That’s the whole point of having a man cave; doing what you want without interruption and judgment. If you’re a guest you’re probably already friends with the man cave dweller so you know what to do. Just don’t be an asshole. There might be a sign with some “offensive” rules. For most men these things are not serious. Take them with a grain of salt.

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