About The Masculine Male

About The Masculine Male

TheMasculineMale.com is a website that focuses on helping men (and others who are interested) to discover what masculinity means and how to become their strongest self in many ways. 

“Helping Men To Be Men Again”

Our Story

I bought the domain name TheMasculineMale.com in 2018.  The site has been growing slowly over the last few months in both content and visitors.

BetterDaily, the main writer on this website, has a background in economics but is now doing something completely different. I’m now teaching and writing in my free time.I started this site because I was getting fed up with the state of many men everyone can currently see around them. Men don’t know what to do with themselves since their identity is getting attacked from many different sides.

In the past I’ve certainly struggled myself with similar problems. Feeling rudderless, and being stuck in life. Not knowing in which direction to go in and not knowing what it means to be a man. While I’m not exactly where I want to be, I’ve made great improvements in many areas of my life. I’m now at a point where I feel I have things to share that could help other people.

That’s why I pulled the trigger on buying this domain and starting to write about masculinity and many related topics. There are many ways that lead to Rome. That’s why I’m not focusing on one single topic. TheMasculineMale is a way to give people information and motivation so they can improve themselves to the point where they can be successful in their own way.