About BetterDaily


BetterDaily is the main writer at TheMasculineMale.com. He writes about anything related to men and masculinity like man caves and home gyms.  

My Story

In 2013, I worked at a call center providing customer service.  I hated that job and walking out of there for the last time was a very happy day for me.

I was feeling stuck and had no idea of where to go next. Having traveled to many countries a year earlier I decided that it was time to make a big move. I moved to a developing country in South East Asia. That changed my life to a large degree. Of course the environment is completely different from the western European country I grew up in. But not only had my environment changed. 

My mindset about so many things has changed since moving here. I discovered I can do things I never expected from myself and are actually pretty good at them. Teaching in another country isn’t something I thought I could be good at but after a while I’m not only pretty good at it, I actually enjoy it. That’s something I never expected when studying for my economics degree. 

Living in a foreign country makes you realize you have to grab your balls, be a man and make your life work. You can’t rely on the government to take care of you. If you screw up, nobody is coming to save you.This changed my mindset and how I look at things completely.

Traveling and living here gave me something I wanted to share. My first site, mrsoultrip.com was just about traveling in the local region. That wasn’t the only thing I wanted to get off my chest however.What I’ve learned about life and being a man is something that I think can help many men who are stuck in a similar situation I was before.

That’s why I decided to start and write on TheMasculineMale.com. My goal is to help men or anybody that’s interested in improving their life through the information that’s already on this site and is growing day by day.