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9 Game of Thrones decorations for your man cave

One of the most anticipated TV series of the last decade has just kicked off a new season. That means lots of people will be installing themselves in front of the TV to enjoy the latest episode of Game of Thrones. You man cave is a great place to do this. You won’t be disturbed and can make yourself comfortable.

To make you get into the mood, some Game of Thrones themed decorations and accessories will be useful. A man cave can be a bit like a castle. It needs some warmth and decoration to be enjoyed to the fullest. Here are some of the coolest items for sale today.


Let’s start off with some decorations.

1. Mat

Let’s start at the door. A welcome mat helps your décor and sets the tone for first time visitors.

This doormat lets your visitors know who’s boss in this castle since it calls to “bend the knee” on top and can be customized to have your house name on the bottom.

Check it out on Amazon. You’ll find it’s reasonably priced and well reviewed.

2. Cups/glasses

Certain characters like their drinks and many of the viewers are no different. Even if you don’t drink something containing alcohol there are some pretty awesome GoT themed cups, glasses and tumblers available.


No alcohol, no problem. This tumbler will keep any drink warm or cold for the duration of an episode and probably much longer.

It’s double walled, and BPA free so it will keep your testosterone safe. The tumbler features the “winter is here” slogan with the outline of a dire wolf. Check the price on Amazon.

Beer glasses

Many people do like to enjoy their latest episode of GoT with a cold beer. Beer isn’t good to drink from a tumbler. It needs a proper glass.

Here is a GoT themed set of beer glasses. Each glass features a sigil of a different house. In this set you’ll find glasses with the sigils of; Targaryan, Stark, Lannister and Greyjoy. Check out the price on Amazon.

Whiskey glasses

Don’t like peasants’ drinks? Maybe whiskey is more for you. A classy drink for a noble man. Whiskey needs special glasses to be enjoyed properly. Other glasses just don’t quite cut it. A whiskey glass needs to have a thick bottom and feel right to hold in your hand.

These glasses seem to do the trick. They’ve got a thick bottom and are made of high quality glass. The glass features a print saying: “I drink and I know things” and comes with two whiskey stones. Check out this deal on Amazon.

3. House banners

Of course you need a throne in your castle. Next to that throne you need to show where your loyalty lies. Some banners are an effective way to do this. Be careful which one you pledge allegiance to however. You don’t want to find yourself facing the wrong enemy.

Pick yours on Amazon here.

4. Hodor door stop

If you don’t know why this is mildly funny, I’m not going to explain it. No spoilers here. It’s simple, funny and does the job of keeping a door open. If there ever was a “dad joke” this is it.

Since many man caves owners are dads, it bound to be appreciated.

Check out this door stop on Amazon.

  • Made of wood
  • Varnished
  • Anti slip strip on the bottom
  • Says: “HODOR” on top in the GoT font.

5. Coasters

I know, you’re a courageous warrior that doesn’t fear anything. Well, nothing but rings on your table.

Since you got those awesome glasses from earlier, you need some coasters to go with them to prevent those horrible rings.

Here is a set that will keep your table safe and looks cool. The set comes with a wooden holder in the shape of the throne. The coasters are made of wood and laser engraved with Got imagery. The back is covered by cork to be friendly on your table.

Buy it here on Amazon.

6. Map of Westeros

It can be difficult to keep track of all the characters. This map might help you keep track of at least some of the characters. You can try to keep track by pinning some pins in the map.

Or you can just enjoy looking at the map since it looks quite nice.

This map features the lands of Westeros and Essos. It’s printed in a way to make it look antique which fits in well with the middle aged fantasy theme. Buy it on Amazon.

7. Throne bookend

This is the thing the whole series revolves around; “the throne”. It’s just a bit smaller. This replica is supposed to be used as a bookend.

If you’ve got the whole series of books on your shelf, this is the perfect item to stop it from falling over. Not everyone reads the books so in that case, you can make a hamster king of the seven realms. That might be fun too.

Get your iron throne here on Amazon.

8. Funko models

Funko makes some funny looking action figures. The style looks almost like Japanese comic books. They’ve got most of the human characters and also quite a few of the animal/mythical ones.

The action figures are quite small but very reasonably priced, especially compared to some other options.

Check out some of the popular options here;

Jon Snow Game of Thrones decorations
Jon Snow Game of Thrones decorations

9. Bottle opener

Drinks have to be opened somehow. Teeth might not be your best option. The hand of the king always seems to drink a lot and this item might explain why.

The hand of the king pin is converted into a bottle opener. It might make you feel more important and even make your drink taste better.

If you’ve got the glasses and coasters, you might as well go all out and get the bottle opener as well.

Check out “The hand of the king” bottle opener on Amazon. Start drinking like in GoT, just don’t start killing like they do please.

Buy it on Amazon.

Bonus: White walker whiskey

If you’re reading this shortly after release of the latest episode, you might still be able to get your hands on a special edition “White walker by Johnnie Walker” Whiskey. The bottle features a completely iced/white label with a white walker in the same pose as the usual Johnnie walker figure.

A cool gift for game of thrones and whiskey lovers. It’s also a really cool decoration for years to come. It’s available for a limited amount of time and makes for a great decoration to put next to some other GoT decoration.

I can’t comment on the taste, I haven’t tried it.