6 Masculine examples and what we can learn from them.

We’ve looked at the definition of masculinity in a previous article. That article was pretty theoretical, just looking at the dictionary definitions. I thought it would be a good idea to find some people who are great examples of some of the masculine traits I’ve found before.

I’m not saying these people are perfect without any mistakes. The people on this list show one or more masculine traits that most men can learn something from in my opinion. Throughout history there are plenty of men and women that exhibit these traits. Since this is about masculinity I’ve chosen to use male examples.

Great examples of masculinity

This list is in no specific order. I’m not making a judgment of who’s more or less masculine on this list.


Although courage can seem rare in daily life, throughout history there are plenty of people who are incredibly courageous.

Quick review, what is courage again? ”Courage is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation” I think what’s missing from this definition is that you choose to do a certain thing because you think it’s the right thing to do, even though you know it’s going to cause some sort of adverse effects for you.

Who is a great example of this trait?


“Tank man” An unidentified man that might be the object of one of the most iconic pictures ever. The man, trying to block a tank in Tiananmen Square during the 1989 student protest is a great example of courage. In this case he had to pay the highest price for standing up for what he believed in but it’s quite likely he knew that that was a possibility. That is absolutely courageous.


Most men are clearly more competitive than most women. Men have a huge innate drive to try to be better than others. This can show up in almost every aspect of life. Sports, work, music, etc. pretty much every activity can be a stage for competitiveness.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It can take some childish forms but all in all it’s a positive when channeled correctly.


Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players ever. Sure he has great genetics for this sport but a big part of his greatness comes from his competitiveness. He practiced more than others, wanted to win more than others. Even in other parts of his life and other sports he has been known to be very competitive. And he has the results to show for it.

Michael Jordan at Boston Garden


Men have a tendency to protect those they care about. It makes sense because they are on average bigger and stronger than those they want to protect. Besides that there is also something else. You could call it an instinct.

People don’t discuss who’s going to defend the family against an attacker while it’s happening. There will be one person who steps up and usually it’s expected that that person is the man. If that’s fair or not is another question.


It’s difficult to find a more obvious example of protection than a lion protecting its cubs. Not a human example but I think there is something to learn from the viciousness and strength that this predator displays when defending those close to him.  


Strength is a classic male trait. Men have much more testosterone from before birth and this results in more muscle mass, higher bone density, strength and more. Strength is one of the most obvious masculine traits. I think it’s important to make a distinction between physical and mental strength.


Arnold Schwarzenegger might not be the absolute strongest person ever but he is certainly a very famous example of physical strength. Even though he might have used some “enhancing” supplements, he is a role model for many. His physique, work ethic and career are examples of great strength.

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Doing what you think is the right thing for you and being free from the pressure of others’ opinions is independence. It’s closely related to things like courage and assertiveness. An independent man does what he wants regardless of what other people think of that.

This can be a good or bad thing. You can go your own way and stumble onto something great. You can also do things your own way and screw up like everyone predicted.

Men are prone to take more risks in many different ways. Sometimes taking this risk pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. Being independent is taking a kind of risk.


Galileo Galilei

His observations and thinking ultimately led to the complete shift in how humanity views the solar system and beyond. His heliocentric model was almost a complete opposite of what everyone thought was true at the time. Even after the Roman Catholic church condemned his views he continued to defend himself and his views.

It’s obvious now that he was right but at the time it was a great show of courage, independence and assertiveness.


Passion is something that drives a lot of other things. Passion is something that has created amazing things throughout history. Music, art, buildings, etc. Different people have different passions and that’s great. You need something you want to pursue relentlessly. This gives you something to live for, something that gives your life flavor.


Rick Allen Def Leppard’s drummer got into a bad car crash a couple of years into the bands life. This meant he had to get one of his arms amputated. For most musicians that might as well be a death sentence.

Rick Allen’s passion propelled him forward and he overcame his accident to such a degree that he is now considered one of the best drummers of our time. I think that’s only possible by being incredibly passionate about something.  

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