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5 Manliest man cave snacks in the world. [Man cave eats]

The manly man cave owner and his guests need to eat. We all know how real men are into chewing dirt and raw coffee beans. But sadly not all your guests are as manly as you are. That means you might have to make some real food once in a while.

To introduce your guests to the world of manly snacks, I’ve collected some recipes you can use. Just buying snacks in the supermarket might be OK for normal meetings. These snacks are a bit more special however. They require some preparation and work to make. It will be worth it though, serving this will show your guests who’s boss and they might start growing chest hair on the spot.

The top 5 of manly snacks

In no particular order:


Jerky is the ultimate cowboy food. Dried dead animals are not only manly but it’s tasty and nutritious as well. The most well-known version is beef jerky but there are tons of other delicious animals as well.

There are too many meats you can use to make jerky to list here. Some of the top ones beside beef are;

  • Alligator
  • Buffalo
  • Duck
  • Kangaroo
  • Venison
  • Ostrich

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous:

  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Snake

As you can see, pretty much any animal you can eat, you can make jerky out of. Of course you can buy it in the supermarket but it’s not too difficult to make yourself. When making it yourself you can control the meat and ingredients that go into it. That means no chemical additives, good quality meat and the taste you like.

Fried potato

Think making jerky is too much work? Frying potatoes in any way shape or form is always good. Cut them up in a shape you like and throw them in hot oil. Easy but delicious. Remember to fry twice for extra crispy results!

BBQ beer wings

To go with the fried potatoes,  you can’t find many things that are better than wings. The recipe linked below is a bit more complicated than normal wings but they are delicious. https://brooklynbrewshop.com/blogs/themash/recipe-bbq-beer-wings

Spicy popcorn

Normal popcorn with butter, caramel or salt is for weak men. Real men eat their popcorn with some WD-40. Since your guests probably can’t handle that, spicy popcorn is a decent and tasty alternative. It’s something different than the usual tastes. Check out the articles here. https://www.giverecipe.com/salty-spicy-popcorn/

Bacon wraps

Sausages wrapped in bacon? Yes please!! These things are really easy to make and taste great. Meaty, salty, sweet, and fat. It’s pretty close to a perfect beer snack. Only three ingredients and finished in the oven so no need to wait around. Set the oven timer and take out on time. Easy!

Homebrewed beer

Ok, this isn’t really a snack but if done right it’s amazing. Definitely not easy, fast or cheaper than buying your beer but it’s something personal and special.

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