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5 High tech man cave Gadgets. You'll want these after reading.

5 High tech gadgets for man caves (You’ll want these after reading)

Men like things. Especially things that are loud, go fast, burn or make life interesting otherwise. High tech gadgets are in the category of things that make life interesting. Although they can also be loud and go fast. Since you’ll be using these things inside your man cave they probably shouldn’t burn.

I personally love high tech gadgets but have a hard time spending money on them if they are not particularly useful. I need a reason to justify buying something. So in this article I’m looking for high tech gadgets that are still useful in some way.

You want these high tech toys in your man cave

After some research, (a lazy Sunday afternoon clicking around on Amazon) I found the following gadgets to be particularly interesting, useful and suitable for man caves. Let’s get into it.

1. Vacuum robot

Let’s face it. Nobody likes cleaning. And since your partner is probably not going to clean your man cave, we have to find another solution. A vacuum robot takes a lot of the cleaning off your hands.

There are quite a few vacuum robots available so I’ve found a few roundups so you don’t have to.


While looking through the roundups I noticed that most of the sites recommend the Irobot Roomba 980. That’s not a cheap device but it has a ton of user friendly features and performs well on pretty much every service.

All this while it’s easy to control with, either your smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google home. The Roomba 980 also scores high on security with well protected apps and data transfer and clear privacy policies.

Best budget

If the Roomba 980 is a bit too expensive, there is another good option. The Shark Ion R85. Tom’s hardware tested many robot vacuums and this one outperformed even the top of the line Roomba i7.

The Shark Ion R85 is down on functionality versus the Roomba 980 but it cleans just as well or even better. It’s easy to clean and has a decent battery life.

2. Universal remote

If you’ve got more than one remote at the moment, a universal remote is a great way to prevent you from always grabbing the wrong one. A universal remote can control everything you need it to. Logitech has been making the best universal remotes for quite a while now with the harmony line-up.

With all of the Logitech Harmony options there is a bit of a learning curve since they have to be programmed and connected to all the devices you want. Luckily there are plenty of easy to follow tutorials online.

If you want to be able to not only control your TV and audio but also some other smart home devices, you’ll need to shop in the higher end of the line up. The top of the line is the Harmony Elite. This remote comes with a large touch screen and can control pretty much everything in your house. Check it out here on Amazon.

3. Philips Hue led

While exercise is good for everyone, getting up to turn the lights on and off is just a pain in the behind sometimes. The Philips Hue LED products are pricey for an LED light for sure, but they can do some pretty cool things. They will also impress your friends which makes it sort of useful…..

The two coolest things about these bulbs are: 1. They can be remotely controlled in several ways. 2. Some of the products can change to any color you feel like. If you get one of the more advanced Logitech Harmony remotes, it’s possible to control the Philips Hue system with it. And even if you don’t get the remote, it’s possible to control the lights with an app on your smartphone, Google home or Amazon Alexa.

What do you need?

The first thing is a Hue Smart hub. With this you can control up to 50 bulbs. There are also starter packs which include several bulbs and the hub.

After that there are quite a few options. Check out the links below.

Starter packs – Check it out on Amazon.

Spots – Check it out on Amazon.

Led strips – Check it out on Amazon.

Table lamps – Check it out on Amazon.

Ceiling lamps – Check it out on Amazon..

And even outdoor lights – Check it out on Amazon.

As you can see there are plenty of options for lighting in your whole house. Not only the man cave. Be careful though, it can be a bit addictive once you start with this.

4. Klipsch the Sixes

If you like high tech gadgets but not the high tech look, this might be right up your alley. Klipsch got the the vintage look down with this product. These speakers look like they’re from the 70’s but are actually packed with modern tech.

With these speakers there is no need for an amplifier since it’s all built into the right speaker. There is a host of inputs. You have a choice of two analog, two digital and Bluetooth to connect with this set of speakers. So you can play music and other audio from pretty much every source with an output.

5. Roku streaming stick+

For people that put their old TV in their man cave and are missing the smart TV possibilities, this is your solution. Plug the Roku streaming stick in your HDMI input and you’ve got 4k streaming capabilities.

The Roku streaming stick+ is responsive, supports 4k, HDR and Dolby Atmos. That’s pretty awesome for such a small package.