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23 Décor Ideas For Your Man Cave [Themes and Decorations]

The décor of your man cave is an important. Your man cave is a place that you can decorate in any way you like. That means there is a whole world of possibilities in how you can decorate yours. Maybe it’s a bit overwhelming and you’re looking for some suggestions. Well, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of décor ideas and themes that you can use to find the perfect look for your man cave.

Décor themes

There are tons of ways you can decorate your man cave. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of ideas that you can use to get some inspiration. Just use it as guidance. And of course you don’t have to stick to just one. Mix and match as you see fit.

1.     Baseball

One of the most popular sports in the USA that can always count on a loyal group of fans. Man caves will often be used to watch sports events anyways so, why not decorate your man cave with baseball related items? Or any other sport you might like of course.

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2.     NASCAR

Not many sports are as spectacular as NASCAR. As with baseball, plenty of people watch a race in their man cave. NASCAR is a very rich topic for decorations. There are tons of different decorations that are awesome and will really take your man cave to the next level.

13 NASCAR Man Cave Decorations

3.     Engineering

Engineering can be beautiful. Good engineering is the coming together of math and art. It’s also a very wide topic. Engineering is involved in almost everything in daily life. Cars, buildings, planes, rockets, etc. There are a lot of directions you can go into with the engineering theme.

7 Engineering decor ideas

4.     Farmhouse

The farmhouse or rustic décor is pretty popular these days. It’s not so much a topic as a style but it combines well with some other topics. It’s a base you can build on. The farmhouse décor style involves a lot of wood and bricks. It creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel at home.

How to create a farmhouse decor in your man cave

5.     English pub

The original. You can find British pubs almost anywhere around the world. There is just something special about a traditional English pub. And for that reason many men want to recreate that same look and feel in their man cave.

How to turn your man cave into an English pub

6.     Irish pub

Ok, maybe the Irish will complain if I call the English pub the original. The Irish pub is certainly incredibly famous as well. Although they are closely related, there are some key differences.

Make your man cave look like an Irish pub

7.     Firefighters

One of the most respected jobs in the world. Both firefighters and fans might be interested in decorating their man cave with firefighter related items. There are quite a few great decorations that can make your man cave look like a fire station.

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8.     Game of Thrones

The most popular TV series from the last couple of years. The setting of the series is somewhat middle-aged. The setting and popularity has created a huge market for gadgets, decorations and replicas.

Game of Thrones decoration ideas

9.     Cubicle decorations

A slightly different approach is the cubicle man cave. This is about turning your office or office cubicle into somewhat of a man cave. This to make your workdays a little more bearable. Since it’s an office you might have to abide by some rules you don’t have to in your own man cave.

From office to man cave

10.  Tiki bar

Looking for a more tropical vibe? The Tiki theme is a good bet for you. Bring some of those warm tropical beach feelings into your man cave by turning your man cave into a Tiki bar. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Create a Tiki bar in your man cave

11.  Sports bar

As mentioned before, many men will watch sports in their man cave. So why not turn it into your personal sports bar? You can pick a single or multiple sports to center your decorations around. In principle the types of decorations are very similar.

How to create a sports bar at home

12.  Cars

Cars are in the top 3 of most men’s favorite things to look at, talk about and touch. There is an almost limitless amount of possible decoration pieces to make your man cave look like any garage you’d like. Aside from just putting a car in your man cave (which is a viable option too), how can you decorate your man cave?

Man Cave decorations for petrol heads

13.  Motorcycles

Motorcycles, while less ubiquitous than cars, have a very loyal crowd of fans. Just like with cars there are tons of different styles and brands of bikes. That means there is a wide variety of possible items to adorn your man cave with.

Create a motorcycle man cave

14.  Beer

The golden nectar of the gods. While beer shouldn’t be your best friend, it’s certainly a very fun acquaintance. It’s also something men spend a lot of time with. While that might not be the healthiest, it’s certainly a great source of decorations that are perfect for your man cave.

Decoration ideas for beer lovers

15.  Home bar

The next step up from just beer decorations is to create your own home bar. Having your own personal bar in your man cave has some massive benefits. You don’t have to go home after you finish, only the people you want are there and they always have the beer you want.

How much does a home bar cost?

16.  Home theater

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? Maybe you like to watch movies a lot. Man caves are perfect to watch those movies that your partner might not like. The movies you want to watch alone or maybe with some buddies. Movies are an amazing source of decorations.

There are two parts to this. First you need the actual equipment to watch movies. You need the home theater equipment. A screen, player, speakers, etc. Find out how to build a home theater under $2000.

Besides that, you want to decorate your cave a little bit.

Pieces of decoration

We can also look at decorations from another angle. Instead of starting from a topic, let’s start from the point of different decorations. If for cool examples of specific items, check one of the following categories.

17.  Vintage tin signs

One of my favorite decoration pieces ever are vintage tin signs. They are just perfect for man caves. They look great, come in a great variety and last a long time. They look much better than posters and can be bought for very reasonable prices.

Vintage tin signs for your man cave

18.  Posters

Posters are the most obvious things to use to decorate your man cave. They are available in such a variety that you can always find what you want, although you might have to search for a while. To take your posters to the next level, make sure to frame them. This will make them look much better and fancier than if you just hang them on the wall with some tape.

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19.  Decorative bottle openers

Man caves are often used to drink beer. Beer bottles are a bit more difficult to open than your average soda bottle. That means you need a bottle opener. Sure, there are plenty of ways to open a beer bottle. But why not take the chance to integrate your bottle opener into the décor? There are some really cool ones available.

The coolest bottle openers

20.  High tech gadgets

Sometimes you need something a little more high tech than a bottle opener. High tech gadgets are fun and can keep you entertained for hours. And some gadgets can make your life a lot easier. A Roomba for example is perfect for man caves since it helps you keep the place clean.

5 High tech gadgets you want

21.  Bar accessories and gadgets

Besides bottle openers, a home bar or indeed man cave will need some other accessories. And there are some cool gadgets to be had as well.

12 Man cave bar accessories

22.  Maps

I guess you could see maps as a kind of poster. They do have exactly the same purpose however. I really love maps. I can just look at them for hours. For the traveller or explorer, maps are really awesome decorations. They can be functional or decorative.

The best maps to use as wall art

23.  Neon signs

There’s no light like neon light. A cool neon sign can be like the center piece of your man cave. It gives your space a lot of character and it’s useful at the same time. Neon signs not as dangerous or difficult as many people think. They are actually pretty easy and great decorations as well.

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