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21 Cool posters for your man cave [Decoration ideas]

Posters are one of the easiest ways to decorate your man cave, or any room for that matter. I’ve selected some of the posters I personally like the best. Since there is an almost unlimited amount of posters and there are so many great ones, I’ve selected different themes. These are themes that many men are interested in.

In this article you can find suggestions for simple posters. Just pictures or drawings printed on paper. Other forms of wall art like prints and sculptures will get their own article.

For every topic I’ve selected three items I personally like. They’re not necessarily a top three since the sheer volume of excellent options makes it almost impossible to say which one is the best.  Click the links below to find where to buy them.

Recommended posters for your man cave

If you can’t see any pictures, try turning off your add blocker. If you don’t want to do that, click the links to see the posters on Amazon.


Cars are in most men’s top 5 of favorite things to look at. While not every man likes the same type or models of car there are a few cars most people really like.

1. Delorean TIME Machine Poster. Flux capacitor blueprint.

2. White on black. Car logos around the world.

3. 1967 Chevy Camaro Street Rod


One of the most loved beverages in this world is beer. It comes in many colors and tastes. Give your favorite drink a special place in your man cave by hanging the image of beer on your wall.

1. Large beer types chart. Name, color and taste.

2. Finish your beer. There’s sober kids in India.

3. Astronaut drinking Carlsberg on the moon. 8 piece poster.


Some movies are such epic pieces of art that they deserve a place on almost any wall. While having a movie playing all day everyday might be a bit too distracting, a poster based on a movie is just awesome. There are so many movie related posters to choose from. You have the official promotional posters, fan art, cast pictures, etc.

For every popular movie there are countless options, which makes it very hard to choose. Here are some I really like though.

1. Set of 3 Star Wars posters. The original trilogy. With or without frames.

2. Indiana Jones – Raiders of the lost ark. 1982 re-release movie poster.

3. The Godfather – Red rose movie poster.


In the top 3 of things men talk about, you can certainly find sports. Which sport differs on what you like and where you live. I’ve picked a few I like, but feel free to check out the shops that sell them or the rest of the site. Since there are so many sports and teams within every sport, I can’t recommend something specifically for you

1. Michael Jordan – The Last Shot! NBA Finals 1998

2. Soldier Field, Chicago stadium. Black and White Panoramic poster.

3. Racing on Bonneville salt flats. Classic art print.


While cars are probably more popular overall, many men still love their motorcycles. As with cars, there are many types and models.

1. Ducati collection.

2. Harley Davidson Willy’s Garage Route 66

3. Personalized Motorcycle Name Art. Your name spelled in motorcycle photos.


If you’ve got a garage and like to work on cars/motorcycles or other vehicles, you probably spend a lot of time there. You might not call it your man cave but essentially it’s pretty much the same. Either way, some decoration wouldn’t hurt your enjoyment.

Of course you can pick any poster you like but if you want to get something garage specific, check out the posters linked below.

1. Laminated License Plate Map of The United States Poster

2. Vintage Decimal Equivalents Chart.

3. Set of 4. Original wood working tools patent posters


The leftovers. Posters I think are really cool but don’t fit in any other category I’ve described so far.

1. Set of 4 dinosaur skeleton art prints.

2. Nikola Tesla’s Lightning Equipment

3. Executive US Push Pin Travel Map with Frame

How to properly hang your poster in your man cave

After you’ve picked one or more of your favorite posters, you now need to hang them. Of course you could use simple tape or something like putty. This is very cheap and easy and looks OK for a while. After a while your poster will start hanging, ripping and start looking ratty otherwise. Tape and putty might also leave marks on your wall and poster so you can’t use it again after taking it down.

There are better solutions that keep your posters. Good for much longer and can actually make them look even better. Both solutions only need one screw so it’s not difficult by any means to hang them.


The first option is very obvious; a frame. A frame can protect your poster from damage over time. Usually they come with a glass cover to keep off dust, fingerprints, sunlight, etc. It takes some time to put your poster in the frame but I think the small time investment is worth it. If you pick the right frame, it will only make the poster look better and more special.

Many of the posters linked above have to option to be delivered with a frame. If your favorite poster doesn’t come with a frame, there are plenty of options on Amazon. Do a search for “poster frame” And the size you’re looking for and you should find plenty.

Magnetic hanger frame

The second option is a little less known but great if you are someone that wants to change their posters often. The magnetic hanger frame (Amazon) makes it super easy to exchange your poster for a new one. They come in many sizes to fit any poster you want.

You get 4 pieces of wood with magnets. The pieces of wood clamp together with the poster in between. Two pieces go on top of the poster and two at the bottom. Hang from a screw by the provided string and you’re done.  You can change the poster in this kind of frame in under a minute.

The benefit over tape and putty is that it doesn’t leave any marks on you wall and your poster. This means you can put the poster away and use it again later. It also looks nicer than without any frame.

A drawback is that a full frame might look nicer for some posters. A full frame will also protect your poster a little bit better since it’s completely covered up.

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