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12 Man Cave Bar accessories and gadgets [Decoration and gift ideas]

You just finished turning your man cave into a home bar and are looking to get some more fun into it. Here are some cool accessories and gadgets that look good and are fun little things you can easily add to your home bar to add some “spice” to your home bar.

If you’re still working on turning your man cave into a home bar, check out this guide.

Liquor dispenser

Do you dare to leave the bottle of scotch on the bar so everyone can take what they need? It’s certainly a risk. A risk to your bottles and to the safety of your friends. If you think it’s a great idea, you need a liquor dispenser.

Handmade log liquor dispenser

This is one of the coolest liquor dispensers you can get, hands down. The glass container has a ship inside and looks very fancy. It’s an eye-catching piece to put on your bar. The tap has an industrial look to it which makes it look even cooler. It’ll fit great into your rustic man cave decor.

It’s something that will certainly lift the mood of your visitors. In the first place by looking at this gorgeous piece and in the second place by the easy access to booze. Buy it here on Amazon.

Gas pump

For the car lover that needs to fuel up himself, I’ve got the perfect dispenser for you. It’s shaped after a classic gas pump except bottle sized. It’s made of plastic but doesn’t look out of place next to other high quality items. For the price it’s a great piece. It’s gravity fed so make sure to keep the nozzle below the level in the pump. (Buy it now on Amazon)


You don’t want your friends make rings on your new beautiful wooden bar after using the liquor dispenser. Normal coasters are a bit boring although necessary. To spice them up a little you can personalize them.


This set of 6 coasters is made of faux leather to perfectly fit your wooden bar. They can be customized with your name, initials and a date. Of course you can customize them to say any other word you’d like. The customization is laser etched into the material and it comes with a holder. Check them out on Amazon.

Real leather

If you’d prefer real leather, than you’d prefer this set. They are made of beautiful, thick, dark, full grain leather. Hand stitched and hand crafted. An owl is etched into each of the coasters and the leather holder. These will certainly stand out on your bar and coffee table. Check them out on Amazon.

Beer glasses

Another way to have some fun in your bar is with the glasses. There are tons of different types of glasses but beer glasses seem to be the most “fun”.

Game of thrones pint

This 16oz. pint features the Tirion quote “I drink and I know things”. That seems like it would be a very appropriate pint for many guys. For the Game of Thrones lover this is an awesome glass to drink from. The quality of the glass and print is good so it’ll last you for a while. Buy it now on Amazon. It comes with a “Hand of the king” bottle opener.

Guinness pint

With this 20oz. pint you can really feel like you’re in the pub. This is the official new Guinness glass. It features the logo on the front and the classic Guinness harp embossed in the glass on the back. Check the current price here on Amazon. Some beers deserve their own glass and I think Guinness is one of those beers. Get them here on Amazon.

Guinness pint for your man cave home bar

BenShot beer glass

Benshot is a company that makes a lot of glasses. What makes them unique is that all glasses have a real bullet in them. This 16oz. glass features a lead-free .50 bullet. Every glass is completely hand sculpted in the USA up to the packaging. Check the current price on Amazon.

Belgian beer glass

For people that are into Belgian style beers, this is a great glass for you. These beers are supposed to be drunk in this type of glass. It improves the taste and drinking experience. These don’t have any branding on them so you can feel free to drink any beer from them you want.  Buy them now on Amazon.


To make your man cave a bit more complete, a sign is a good way to do that. There are tons of signs you can put in your bar. Some of which have nothing to do with bars or beer although many do.

Neon signs

Neon signs are an awesome way to liven up your man cave. At the same time, they’re great decoration and perfect mood lighting. I’ve already written a whole article about neon signs. So, if you want to know more, click here.


The best way to make clear who this man cave belongs to is to get a personalized sign. A wooden sign is a good option for most home bars. They look good and are easily customizable.

If you are a decent DIYer it’s very possible to make a sign yourself.

Another option is to get one made for you. There are a few different shops on Amazon you can choose from. My personal favorite is this one (Amazon link). It uses old whiskey and beer barrel tops. It’s customizable to a large degree so it can say whatever you like. There is something about using old barrels. The fact that it’s aged and then personalized makes this sign something special.

Beer flight

Make your drinking seem fancier and call it tasting! Putting 5 glasses in front of yourself makes you look a bit weird to most people. Put it on a piece of wood and call it “tasting” and you’re fancy. It’s the perfect solution for people that don’t want to walk to the fridge too many times.

A beer flight is the piece of wood they use in beer or other tastings. Wonder how to taste beer without looking like an idiot? (Ok maybe you still look like an idiot). Check out this article.

Simple paddle tasting set

Check out this libby beer tasting set. is a simple wood paddle that’s made for the purpose of presenting beer tasters to customers in an attractive way. It comes with four high quality 6oz. glasses so you don’t have to worry about finding glasses that fit. It’s simple and not very expensive. Check the price on Amazon.

Rustic crate beer flight

If you’re looking for something a bit different, check this one out (Amazon link). It’s made of sturdy reclaimed wood and is available in different colors, all of which look rustic. The design secures the glasses a bit more than in the other design. Another benefit is that it’s much easier to serve without spilling because of the handles. It comes with slightly smaller 5oz. glasses.

Cocktail set

There’s no shame in wanting something else than beer sometimes. To properly prepare your girly drinks you need a cocktail set. The mixology bartender set comes with all the parts you need and probably some you don’t. It also comes in a beautiful wooden display case to keep everything in one place and show it off at the same time. You might need to brush up on your mixology knowledge though.  Buy it on Amazon.


Rustic sink

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